How to Get a Motor Car Insurance Quote? (2022)

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With the non-compulsory motor insurance, financial support is provided to the insurance owner in the event that your vehicle is damaged, unusable or in case of possible life safety problems such as death or injury. In addition to securing your vehicle against fire, theft, theft, crash and collision, which are the main guarantees of automobile insurance; You can expand your insurance coverage with additional coverages such as personal accident, flood and flood, terrorism, legal protection, foreign coverage.

Motor Insurance covers the material losses and damages that will occur directly as a result of the realization of the risks arising from all motorized and non-motorized land vehicles specified in the policy and permitted to be used on the highway. Nature Insurance Offer You can get a more comprehensive offer with

Car insurance must be renewed one year after the start date. The motor insurance renewal process should be repeated every year. Insurance zamIf it is not renewed immediately, the vehicle owner's right to no claim discount will be lost.

In order to find the most suitable automobile insurance, it is necessary to examine the guarantees in the automobile insurance offer in detail. Motor insurance prices and coverage are not standard. For example, narrow insurance prices may not cover the coverage you need, even though they are less than other types of insurance. That's why you should read the coverage and limits carefully when purchasing an automobile insurance policy. The differences between motor insurance and traffic insurance are basically as follows:

Car insurance covers material damages to your own vehicle in case of damage. Traffic insurance, on the other hand, only covers material and bodily damages that your vehicle may cause to third parties.

Yes, you can benefit from the towing service if there is a motor insurance towing guarantee within the scope of the policy. The motor insurance towing guarantee ensures that your vehicle, which is unable to move as a result of an accident, is taken from the accident site by using a tow truck and taken to an authorized or contracted service.

Motor insurance is optional, traffic insurance is compulsory.

How are Motor Insurance Prices Calculated?

While calculating the motor insurance prices, the Motor Vehicle Value List prepared by the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey according to the brand, model and age of the vehicles is taken as a basis. The first of the other factors affecting the automobile insurance premium price is the age of the vehicle. Vehicles with new brand value and new model year have high automobile insurance costs. The second is the motor insurance cost in the province where the vehicle is registered. In provinces where heavy traffic and traffic accidents are common, the cost of motor insurance is higher in big cities where the potential to commit crimes is higher. Motor insurance offersThe Motor Insurance Value List changes depending on the age of the vehicle, the model brand and the province where it is located. In addition, motor insurance companies may offer different prices according to the coverage and limits of the policy they give. Therefore, it is very important to understand the coverages well when taking out motor own damage insurance.

In addition, extra accessories added to the vehicle are not included unless specified in the policy. The accessories found in the factory original in your vehicle are automatically included. However, other accessories can be added to the coverage during the policy.

What is the Insurance No Claim Discount? How is it calculated?

Car insurance no claim discount is the discount right that vehicle owners get on the car insurance policy prices the next year, when they complete a year without any damage.

At the end of a year without any damage, discounts are applied to your insurance policy for the next year as follows:

If you have insurance for the first time, you will start from step 0.
Step 1: A 12% discount is applied for renewal at the end of the first 30-month insurance period.
Step 2: 12% discount is applied for renewal at the end of the second 40-month insurance period.
3rd Tier: 12% discount is applied for renewal at the end of the third 50-month insurance period.
Tier 4: You can get a 12% discount on renewal at the end of the fourth 60-month insurance period.

Discount rates may not be the same in every insurance company. Factors such as the age, brand, model of your vehicle and the Motor Insurance Value List are decisive in determining the no-claims discount rates.

If the vehicle is damaged in a traffic accident during the year in which the automobile insurance is valid and this damage is covered by the existing automobile insurance, some or all of the right to discount in the next year's automobile insurance policy is lost. If it is officially documented that the owner of the vehicle is faultless in the accident, the damage is covered by the insurance company of the other vehicle involved in the traffic accident. Thus, the right to no claim discount is preserved.

What are the Damages Excluded from the Motor Car Insurance Coverage?

Damages such as decay and aging caused by not performing regular maintenance on your car are not covered by motor insurance. Insurance does not cover the damages resulting from the following situations:

  • Occurring in a vehicle used by people who do not have a driver's license
  • Occurring in vehicles exceeding the transport limit
  • Drinking alcohol or using drugs in the amount prohibited by the Highway Traffic Law
  • arising from changes made to the vehicle
  • Fires from nuclear waste and nuclear fuel
  • Born in extraordinary situations (war, occupation, etc.)
  • Except for licensed transport ships and trains, resulting from the carriage of the vehicle by sea or in the air.

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