China Introduces Homtruck Smart Truck Model with Autonomous Driving

China Introduces Homtruck Smart Truck Model with Autonomous Driving

China Introduces Homtruck Smart Truck Model with Autonomous Driving

China-based commercial vehicle brand Farizon Auto shared its “next generation smart truck” model called “Homtruck” with the public. According to the data announced by the Chinese enterprise, the production and first delivery processes are planned for the beginning of 2024. It is thought that truck drivers will like it thanks to the equipment it contains.

Data from Farizon Auto shows that the Homtruck will be “one of the most advanced and cleanest commercial vehicles on the road.” The tool is both effective and the same zamIt is envisaged that it will offer safety to both the driver and the pedestrian at the same time.

Farizon Auto's new model will be equipped with a multitude of traction/engine formats; these will include a Range Extender, a methanol-hybrid, and even an all-electric motor with the option to replace the battery. Farizon Auto CEO Mike Fan told CNBC that the features of the new truck were determined by taking into account the preferences of European, Korean, Japanese and North American customers.

The new truck has been designed in such a way as to make the user feel at home in the truck, and by considering all their needs in this direction. Therefore, the interior of the Homtruck accommodates the truck driver's processes such as “work, life, maintenance and fun”. As a matter of fact, inside the vehicle there is a bathroom-toilet with shower, bed, refrigerator, tea-coffee maker, kitchen and even a small washing machine.

As for computing and connectivity, Farizon points out that his new model can be connected to all big data platforms. In this way, the driver optimally fulfills orders. zamwill be able to receive instantaneously, analyze and track delivery, and calculate operating expenses on the go.

Thanks to the technology the vehicle is equipped with, “real zamreal-time traffic data will be analyzed and route suggestions will be followed”. Moreover, the energy management system of the truck will be designed in such a way as to provide optimal economy/savings in electric current and fuel usage. In addition, the system tool allows the driver to refuel/charge the battery fully. zamit will direct you to show the appropriate route to catch up instantly.

On the other hand, the manufacturer claims that it will be possible for the truck to switch to autonomous driving on certain routes. In this context, Eric Li, President of Geely Holding Group, to which the manufacturing company of the new brand belongs, points out that Homtruck has taken an important step towards the carbon-free transportation system and opened the door to a new era in the logistics industry.

Source: China International Radio

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