Superstition Can Be a Sign of Obsession!


It is stated that if superstitions, which are frequently encountered in daily life, are at the center of a person's life and negatively affect his life, it may be a sign of a problem related to an obsessive disease, also called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Experts recommend that a specialist be consulted if the person cannot cope with this situation, which negatively affects his life.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Serkan Elçi from Üsküdar University NP Etiler Medical Center evaluated the effects of superstitions on psychology.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Serkan Elçi said that superstitions are “patterns of thought that do not exist in reality, but that people think have an impact on their lives, sometimes with religious rituals and sometimes with different moments or moments in their daily lives”.

We encounter many superstitious behaviors.

Mentioning that there are many superstitious movements witnessed in daily life, Serkan Elçi said, “Sometimes, superstitious actions can be seen by many people knowingly or unknowingly. If we want to give some examples of these; There are many types of superstitions such as wearing evil eye beads to avoid the evil eye, believing that feeding or seeing a black cat brings bad luck, and it is believed that walking under the stairs brings bad luck. Apart from these superstitions, if we give an example of the types of beliefs that deeply affect human life, Christians believe that the number 13 is unlucky. he said.

Superstition may be related to obsession

Serkan Elçi stated that the fact that individuals act according to superstitions and put these superstitions at the center of their lives may be related to their obsession, and said, “The reason why people put these superstitions at the center of their life is that the dimension of the situation is moving towards obsession. Even though the obsession has a certain amount in almost every person, if this situation no longer interferes with the course of daily life, there is a problem here.” warned.

The loaded meaning can be decisive

Noting that the most important thing in people's lives is the events, situations and the meanings they attach to their thoughts, Serkan Elçi said, “The more meanings are attached to an event, the greater the impact that event has on the person. In addition, as we attribute too much meaning to some thoughts, we increase the impact of this thought's meaning on our lives. said.

Noting that there are many types of superstitions, Serkan Elçi stated that some of these obsessions can complicate a person's life. zamThere is a type of superstition that I hear right now. In a superstition about a car brand, a person has a superstition that 'If I approach or get into this brand car, something bad will happen to the people in my life'. This superstition deeply affects the course of one's life. For example, when he calls a taxi, the brand he mentions avoids getting into that vehicle if the taxi arrives. This also disrupts the flow of life.” he said.

It could be OCD if it makes life difficult

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Serkan Elçi stated that such superstitions that make life difficult for a person should be taken into account, and that this may be a sign of an obsessive disease, also called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Serkan Elçi said that if the person cannot cope with this problem alone, it is an inconvenience and that a specialist should be consulted.

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