26 People Await Organ Transplantation in Turkey


Ministry of Health shared an article to draw attention to organ donation and raise awareness due to Organ and Tissue Donation Week between 3-9 November. The following statements were made by the Ministry on the subject: “Every year in our country, between 3-9 November is accepted as Organ and Tissue Donation Week in order to draw attention to organ donation and raise awareness. Who can donate organs? Where to apply for organ donation? Which organs can be transplanted? Which tissues can be transplanted? Who are the donated organs transplanted to? Does organ donation have any religious objections?

The Ministry of Health organizes and supports campaigns to raise awareness about organ donation. As a result of the studies, although we are in a very good situation in living organ donation as a country, although there is an increase in cadaver donations, we are not at the desired level.

There are a total of 172 organ transplant centers in education, research, university and private hospitals in our country.

Bu zamA total of 46 thousand 267 transplants, including 17 thousand 927 kidneys, 156 thousand 343 livers, thousand 307 hearts, 6 heart valves, 198 lungs, 48 heart-lungs, 66 pancreas, 253 ​​small intestines, have been performed. Of these, 16 were transplanted from cadavers, and 110 from living beings.

Although the number of brain death detections has increased by years, there is no increase in the number of family leave at the same rate. Among the total brain death detection numbers, the rate of brain death with family permission is around 20 percent.

In 2021, a total of 2 thousand 376 people, 22 thousand 775 people with liver, 290 285 people with kidneys, 157 people with heart, 8 people with pancreas, 2 people with lungs, 1 people with kidney-pancreas, 26 people with heart valve, 894 person with small intestine. waiting for an organ transplant.

The number of volunteer donors in our country is increasing day by day. There are 607 thousand 669 registered volunteer donors in the Turkish Organ and Tissue Donation Information System (TODBS).

– Who can donate organs?
Anyone over the age of eighteen and of sound mind can donate their organs. Only liver and kidney can be donated as living donors.

– Where to apply for organ donation?
Organ transplantation centers, hospitals, foundations, associations, etc. dealing with organ transplantation. Organ donation can be made in organizations. It is sufficient to fill out and sign the organ donation card in the presence of two witnesses.

– Which organs can be transplanted?
Kidney, pancreas, liver, lung, heart and small intestine transplantation can be performed.

– Which tissues can be transplanted?
Transplantation of cornea, bone marrow, tendon, heart valve, skin, bone, face-scalp and extremities can be performed.

– Who are the donated organs transplanted to?
It is determined from the patients registered in the national organ transplant waiting list according to the blood group compatibility first and then the tissue group compatibility. In addition to blood and tissue compatibility, the patient's medical urgency is taken into account.

– Can the organs of everyone who donate organs be transplanted?
Even if the organ is donated, it is not possible to transplant the organ after every death. Only the organs of people who are brain dead and connected to a respiratory device in the intensive care unit can be transplanted.

– Is there any religious objection to organ donation?
The Presidency of Religious Affairs, High Council of Religious Affairs, declared that there is no religious objection in organ transplantation, and drew attention to the importance of saving lives.

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