Istanbul Ready to Host Formula 1 Rolex Turkish Grand Prix 2021

istanbul formula is ready to host rolex turkish grand prix
istanbul formula is ready to host rolex turkish grand prix

Istanbul is ready to host the 'Formula 8 Rolex Turkish Grand Prix 10' between 1 – 2021 October. İBB has completed its preparations for the race among the most prestigious sports organizations of the world with all its related units. He made the track and its surroundings ready for the race.

Formula 1 Rolex Turkish Grand Prix 2021 will take place on the 5,3 kilometer track at 'Intercity Istanbul Park'. The race, which will be held as the 16th stage of the championship this season, will be hosted by Istanbul for the 9th time. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) supported the preparations of the track where the race will be held with its 19 units. He worked in many areas from asphalt and road to landscaping, from cleaning to transportation. Istanbul was made ready for the organization that reached billions of people through live broadcasts and contributed to the promotion of the country.


İBB kept the job tight so that transportation problems would not occur in the races to be held at the track in Tuzla Akfırat. In this context, sufficient number of buses and personnel were assigned from different central points for 5 days. During the race, buses were allocated for the on-track transportation of the officials.

Visitors coming to our country from all over the world to watch the giant organization were not forgotten either. 30 IETT buses were reserved for use as a service vehicle. For the transportation of the public, expeditions were organized from the central routes to Intercity Istanbul Park.


IMM teams working in the areas around the facility and the runway; parking lot asphalt, broken surface repair, maintenance repair and ground leveling works entered the last level. In this context, the pedestrian overpasses were maintained and made suitable for wheelchair use. Asphalt expansion works were also carried out on the service roads of some bends on the track.


IMM teams also carried out green space and landscaping works at the facility. The teams, which identify the green areas that do not have a landscape or require arrangement, and carry out maintenance and repair works, spent a lot of time on grass and bush form, pruning, irrigation, spraying, flower planting and grass spreading throughout the entire facility.


IMM will be vigilant against any negativities that may arise both during the preparations and during the race. During the preparations, IMM's medical teams with 4 ambulances were prepared to be on duty with 15 ambulances throughout the race. In order to intervene in possible fire, disaster and accident situations, it was decided to have 10 fire trucks in the race area with fully equipped personnel. During the organization period, precautions were taken to prevent the sale of unlicensed products, black market or mobile sales in and around the facility.


IMM will also provide equipment such as mobile toilets, iron barriers, skittles and chairs. Necessary vehicle and personnel support will be provided for cleaning around and inside the facility, on arrival and departure roads. Lighting poles on the main roads inside and outside the facility will be checked, and the defective ones will be maintained and repaired.

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