Attack on Eşrefpaşa Hospital Employees Protested


Two security personnel were beaten in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital. An investigation was launched after the attack by the patient ND, who came to the Emergency Service to have an injection. Condemning the incident, the management and employees of the institution stated that they wanted security personnel to be assigned to the hospital.

Security personnel working at İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital were beaten in the Emergency Service. ND, 47, who came to the Emergency Service of Eşrefpaşa Hospital to get an injection around noon today, attacked security guards Caner İrat and Uğur Kurt, claiming that the procedure was late. Caner İrat suffered a soft tissue injury due to a blow to the head. An investigation was launched after the hospital administration filed a complaint about the incident.

We will resist violence

After the attack, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital Chief Physician Op. Dr. Devrim Demirel and health workers made a press statement in front of Eşrefpaşa Hospital Emergency Service. Chief Physician Op. Dr. Demirel said, “We will resist the violence against healthcare workers every time. We are trying to serve people we do not know at the cost of our lives. "No one has the right to show violence to us, to the doctors and health workers who perform this sacred duty," he said. Demirel said, “We want the laws that are insufficient for healthcare professionals to be rearranged. We want the security forces, who were previously on duty in our hospital, to work again. We have done the correspondence about it and we are doing it. As long as there is a 24-hour police officer in our hospital," he said.

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