EATON Signs a Partnership Agreement with Üçay Group for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

giant union for the future of electric vehicles
giant union for the future of electric vehicles

World-renowned power management company EATON has signed a partnership agreement with Üçay Group, one of the leading companies in Turkey, for electric vehicle charging station solutions.

With the agreement, Üçay Group will be the sole authority in the sale and service of charging stations for electric vehicles. Stating that the agreement is a preliminary step towards the introduction of electric cars in Turkey, Üçay Group CEO Turan Şakacı said, “We can consider electric vehicle charging stations as a vital infrastructure step, especially for electric vehicles that are aimed to become widespread with TOGG.”

With the spread of electric vehicles, investments in charging stations, which are essential for the use of electric vehicles, started to increase. Although the number of charging stations in our country has increased with the investments made, they are not enough yet.

Reminding that Turkey's Automotive Initiative Group (TOGG) has revealed the electric vehicle designs, Üçay Group CEO Turan Şakacı said, “With the partnership agreement we signed with the power management company Eaton, we will bring electric charging stations, which are vital for electric vehicles, which are aimed to become widespread with TOGG, to our country. We will undertake all sales and after-sales representation”.

The deal covers everything about charging stations

The partnership agreement with Eaton, Üçay Group was signed with the signing ceremony held in Istanbul last week. Within the scope of the agreement, Üçay Group aims to deliver the sales and services of Eaton's solutions such as Electric Vehicle AC and DC Charging Stations, load balancing units, network charging management software (CNM) and RFID payment systems to end users through its sales and contracting companies. While Üçay Mühendislik A.Ş, one of the group companies, provides end-user supply and assembly services with its 25 branches in 56 provinces, ISOMER A.Ş., which has more than 2.500 dealers throughout Turkey. on the other hand, will provide product sales and technical support services in the business sales channel.

They will bring the 'energy generating buildings' approach to Turkey

Eaton, wife zamIt aims to bring the “Energy Generating Buildings” approach towards energy conversion and electric vehicle charging to the Turkish market by offering the industry a comprehensive hardware, software and service package that can instantly transform buildings into energy centers that provide maximum benefit from renewable energy production. In line with this approach, Eaton aims to provide users with a wide range of Electric Vehicle Charging solutions by acquiring Green Motion, the pioneering Swiss Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station company.

“Comprehensive and integrated energy transformation begins in Turkey”

Yılmaz Özcan, Country Manager of Eaton Elektrik Turkey, made a statement regarding the agreement and said, “With the acquisition of Green Motion, no other company in the market is able to offer a comprehensive and integrated energy transformation proposal for building owners. With the Energy Generating Buildings approach, our buildings help building owners integrate renewable energy and address the challenges of transportation and electrification of heat. Additionally, it enables building owners to play an important role in facilitating and optimizing their transition to a highly renewable energy system. The electrification of transport and heating will place ever-increasing demands on distribution networks as more loads are added. BloombergNEF modeling shows that the cost of grid increases to cope with mass electrification can be reduced when the electrical energy generated and stored can also be used to support local grid lines. In addition, I would like to share that we have made a partnership agreement with Üçay Group as a partner with a valuable organization such as Üçay Group, at a point where the transformation in energy, which is one of the most important issues of our time, and accordingly the use of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Üçay Group is one of the leading companies in the market considering its widespread branch network, existing product portfolio, engineering and logistics infrastructure. With this important partnership agreement we signed with Üçay Group, we aim to offer our product, solution and engineering services on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to the entire Turkish market.”

“With TOGG, the perception of electric vehicle use will change”

Emphasizing that the perception of electric vehicles will change with TOGG, Üçay Group CEO Turan Şakacı said that “There are very important developments regarding the Electric Vehicle market in Turkey and in the world. Electric vehicles have an important place in a sustainable future plan. In this regard, serious sanctions are being taken all over the world, especially in Europe. same zamI believe that our country's consumer perception of electric vehicle usage and the demand in the electric vehicle market will increase with the planning of our domestic vehicle TOGG to hit the roads in 2023. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been looking for a reliable partner to work with in this field. As of today, we have signed an important cooperation with Eaton in this regard. Eaton is a very important technology company. It has important R&D studies and investments in energy management. As Üçay Group, we firmly believe that we will take the lead in establishing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Turkey by joining hands with Eaton.”

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