DS 4 on the Roads of Turkey in 2022

ds in turkey
ds in turkey

Distinguished from its competitors with the noble materials, high comfort and technology it uses in the premium segment, DS Automobiles introduced the DS 7 model, which attracted attention as the fourth model of the brand's new generation, after DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS 9 CROSSBACK and DS 4. Distinguished in its class with its avant-garde design and high-tech features, DS 4 will be offered for sale in our country in 2022. DS Automobiles Turkey Brand Director Berk Mumcu said, “DS brand; It continues to grow in many areas in Turkey, both in terms of sales figures, number of DS STORE and product range. As a brand, our priority is every zamThe moment is based on customer experience and satisfaction. We always see sales as a result. At this point, we try to act according to demand and bring our vehicles to our customers quickly. I can easily say that; There is a serious demand for DS 4 from Turkey. In 2022, we can predict that we will encounter a demand above our expectations for the DS 4. This makes us happy and excited.” DS 4, which is still in the compact premium segment, which has a strategically important place, stands out with its silhouette inspired by the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept and with its unprecedented dimensions, having a special place in the segment.

Drawing attention as a profitable brand with a rising worldwide market share, DS Automobiles is preparing to accelerate its development with DS 4. Designed to redefine the outlines of the compact premium segment, the DS 4 differentiates itself by being influenced by two body shapes, the modern and attractive SUV Coupé and the traditional compact hatchback. DS 2021, which will be gradually launched in European markets as of the last quarter of 4, will also be offered for sale in our country in 2022. Commenting on the subject, DS Automobiles Turkey Brand Director Berk Mumcu said, “DS Automobiles models promise more features to their users in their class, both in terms of equipment and comfort. You can see this in our DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE models currently on sale in Turkey. The DS 4 will also be competitive considering the features it offers in the compact premium hatchback class and the privileges that DS Automobiles brings with it. As we stated, we plan to put the DS 2022 on sale in Turkey in 4”. Berk Mumcu, who also expressed his views on the current demand with DS 4, said, “The DS brand; It continues to grow in many areas in Turkey, both in terms of sales figures, number of DS STORE and product range. As a brand, our priority is every zamThe moment is based on customer experience and satisfaction. We always see sales as a result. At this point, we try to act according to demand and bring our vehicles to our customers quickly. I can easily say that; There is a serious demand for DS 4 from Turkey. In 2022, we can predict that we will encounter a demand above our expectations for the DS 4. This makes us happy and excited.”

The charismatic design carries the lines of the AERO SPORT LOUNGE model.

DS 4 draws attention at first glance with its dimensions. With a width of 1,83 meters and large 20 mm wheels with a choice of light alloy wheels up to 720 inches, the compact length of 4,40 meters and height of 1,47 meters give the car an impressive appearance and catchy splendor. The front design differs in that it is characterized by a new, unique lighting group design. The very thin headlights feature the DS MATRIX LED VISION system, which combines matrix and adaptive lighting. The headlights also include daytime running lights, which consist of two LED lines on both sides (a total of 98 LEDs). DS WINGS connects the headlights and the grille. Depending on the preferred version, this detail consists of two pieces with diamond-point motifs in stepped sizes that stand out in the three-dimensional grid. In addition, the long hood adds a dynamic look to the silhouette with the movement it brings to the design. The profile combines fluidity with sharp lines. Hidden door handles harmonize with the sculptural surfaces in the side design. At the rear, the roof extends far down with the steep curve of the enamel surface-printed rear window, a testament to technical know-how. The rear fenders reveal a fit and strong design with their black sharp corners emphasizing the curves and the C-pillar and bearing the DS logo. At the back, there is a new generation uniquely designed lighting group with laser embossed fish scale effect.

“Handcrafted” upholstery, simple and fluid interior design

DS 4 has a digital, fluid and ergonomic interior. Each piece, whose design is considered as well as its functions, stands out with its interconnectedness as a whole. Travel art is showcased using a new control layout grouped in three interface zones to make the experience easier. The thin strip on the dashboard brings together climate control and DS AIR. Hidden ventilation outlets called DS AIR stand out as a ventilation system with invisible wings. The air wave, divided by a cone, enables perfect orientation both upwards and downwards. The entire system offers high efficiency while operating like conventional ventilation. It has a simple and integrated design with its compact formation on the vertical axis. This ensures that the center console design has a fluid and regular shape. The automatic window switches line up with the side air vents located in the door. The combination of the 10-inch touch control screen DS SMART TOUCH connected to the DS IRIS system, which facilitates the control of the 5-inch touch central media screen, and the compact control mechanism DS E-TOGGLE for the automatic gearbox is located on the center console.

The new interior design concept gives comfort an innovative meaning. Special attention has been paid to the shape of the seats with ventilation and massage features. Inspired by a seashell, the concept creates a new one-piece, curved and uninterrupted comfort zone. The new upholstery covers the high-density foam used to achieve a privileged level of comfort. The elongated seat and shell form provide unexpected depth to the innovative design. The blending of elegance and technology in the interior design of DS 4 draws attention by using different types of leather, Alcantara®, forged carbon and wood, as well as new upholstery techniques among its materials.

In the two-tone interior, Pebble Gray leather seats are complemented by embroidered leather and Clous de Paris trims, combined with smooth-feeling flat materials for comfort areas. The upper part, where the interactive area is located, uses ash wood trim and very high quality Criollo Brown Nappa leather. The OPERA interior design concept, consisting of Criollo Brown Nappa leather watch strap designed seats, which is the symbol of DS Automobiles' highest level of craftsmanship, stands out with its advanced design. Ash wood and large areas of Criollo Brown Nappa leather upholstery complete this luxurious setting. In this interior, master upholsterers have gone even further to reinforce French expertise: concealed seams, with each loop ending in a completely concealed place, highlight the quality of the leather in the door panels. This is just one of many “handcrafted” details, such as the choice of ash wood for the interior surfaces or the leather-wrapped steering wheel. The sense of harmony in the interior is emphasized by customizable ambient lighting. A first in its segment, the 14-watt FOCAL ELECTRA sound system with 690 speakers and the combination of acoustic side windows (front and rear) create a unique acoustic environment.

Connectivity for a stylish and digital interior

With a new three-dimensional technology called DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY, which represents the first step towards augmented reality, important driving data is projected directly onto the road. Using an optical illusion, data is displayed on a 21-inch (53 cm) virtual screen, four meters from the windshield, to the driver's gaze. Important information such as speed, driving assistance systems, navigation, warning messages or a song listened to or a phone call are reflected on the road. This sensory and experimental technology is an all-new designed infotainment system with a 10-inch screen that stands out as part of a larger system at the heart of the DS IRIS SYSTEM. The new interface embraces the convenience of a smartphone, with a touchscreen, fluid and responsive interface developed around the idea of ​​being able to create profiles that are fully customizable with icons. The settings and image are loaded automatically when the car starts. The DS IRIS system, which is controlled by voice and finger movements, is supported by a special touch screen control system called DS SMART TOUCH located on the center console. The user just needs to make finger gestures towards the preset favorite function. the screen is the same zamIt also detects two-finger gestures such as zoom in and out and can recognize handwriting.

Comfort and dynamic serenity

DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS 7 CROSSBACK and the second-level, semi-autonomous driving (currently the highest level currently allowed on public roads) already offered in DS 9 are extensively updated with DS DRIVE ASSIST 4 for DS 2.0. Speed ​​control adjusts the speed according to the traffic flow, it can stop and go in traffic jams. The system is the same zamAt the same time, it provides an accurate vehicle positioning in the lane chosen by the driver, and helps the driver to turn corners in highway conditions. While getting three new features for DS 4; Semi-autonomous lane changing, speed adjustment for corners and compliance with the speed limits on the signs come to the fore. All of your control zamThere is a grip sensor on the steering wheel that checks if the driver's hand is on it to make sure the driver is at the moment. New "corner radars" bring functions such as long-range blind spot monitoring (up to 75 metres) and rear traffic alerts to avoid collisions in blind spot hazards.

DS Automobiles stands for the concept of dynamic serenity. This corresponds to class-leading driving with the DS 4. One of the strong points is the adaptive suspension of the DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION using the camera, which is unique in this segment. The camera is located on the windshield, observes the irregularities in the road surface and transfers the data to the computer. With four height sensors and three accelerometers, the system controls each wheel individually. Based on the data it receives, it makes the suspension harder or softer as needed. The result is a high level of comfort, whatever the road. The DS NIGHT VISION system, on the other hand, draws attention as another technology that distinguishes DS Automobiles from its competitors. The system makes the road and dangers more visible. The infrared camera in the grill detects pedestrians and animals from 200 meters away at night and in poor light. The driver sees hazards on the road in the digital vehicle display (and as a warning in the DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY), which gives them the opportunity to react.

Enhanced architecture

Here zamis modular and includes different power transmission systems, zamevery moment zamDynamic and secure at the moment, this new EMP2 platform variant was developed for DS 4. This allows for a new freedom of expression that shapes design into unexpected dimensions, while allowing for the development of many useful features. The new evolution of the EMP2 platform introduces new components made of composite materials, hot-pressed structural parts and more compactly designed components such as the air conditioning unit, as well as a lighter design and smaller parts that create more storage space. DS 4 can offer a luggage volume of 430 liters under the electric tailgate that can be opened with the hands-free feature.

The DS 4 is manufactured with 95% reusable materials and 85% recyclable parts. It consists of 30% by weight of renewable and recycled materials ranging from metal to polymer. Especially the front panel is made of 20% hemp for invisible parts. Among the recycled materials, polypropylene, polyester and elastomer fibers were used as deflectors to reduce noise under the chassis or at mounting points.

rechargeable hybrid

DS Automobiles, a two-time Formula E champion in 2019 and 2020, is at the crossroads of the electrification. The new derivative of the EMP2 platform was created to house the next-generation rechargeable hybrid power unit without compromising on usability or trunk space. The turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine offering 180 horsepower and the electric motor providing 110 horsepower were combined with the e-EAT8 electric automatic transmission, resulting in 225 horsepower as a system. The engine is powered by a new, more efficient battery with smaller, higher capacity cells located behind the rear axle. It thus provides a range of more than 50 km in all-electric driving mode (in the WLTP mixed conditions cycle). PureTech petrol models offering 130, 180 and 225 horsepower and BlueHDi diesel engine offering 130 horsepower are all combined with an 8-speed fully automatic transmission.

DS Light Signature

With the new generation DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights, which are thinner and more modern, Matrix Headlights and dynamic cornering lighting technology are combined in the same system, taking on a different and unique identity. The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights still consist of three LED modules unique to DS Automobiles. The interior module of the headlight is used for the dipped beam. The movable middle module can be bent outwards up to an angle of 33,5°. This illuminates the outer parts of the lane and follows the direction you are looking at corners. it's the same zamIt also refers to the cornering-sensitive headlights of the 1967 DS. The exterior Matrix Headlight module provides lighting for driving, and consists of 15 parts, each of which can be switched on and off independently according to the driving situation it perceives. These projector headlights can choose between five modes (urban, extra-urban, highway, bad weather and fog) according to traffic situation, steering wheel angle, speed and weather conditions. These modes allow the high beams to be constantly engaged while driving, without disturbing other drivers on the road. Using the camera located on the windshield, these smart headlights can automatically adjust their light beams up to a range of 300 meters depending on the traffic situation, without disturbing others. The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights are supplemented by the newly expanded 98 LED daytime running lights. The distinctive, distinctive vertical light strip daytime running lights also embrace the new high-tech.

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