Hyundai's Brand Value Climbed

Hyundai's Brand Value Passed in Tirmanisa
Hyundai's Brand Value Passed in Tirmanisa

Hyundai Motor Company increased its brand value by 2021 percent in 6, bringing it to a total of $15.1 billion. same zamRanking among the top 30 brands in the world at the moment, Hyundai has thus strengthened its capabilities in the automotive world in a way that customers value and care about. Receiving awards and accolades from independent organizations around the world, Hyundai has improved in terms of brand value for seven years and has remained the same. zamAt the same time, it continues to take serious steps towards the future with its fast solutions in the field of mobility.

The brand's production of environmentally friendly electric models and smart mobility applications contributed significantly to this significant increase, which was recently announced by Interbrand. same zamAt the same time, advances in carbon neutrality and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2045 have also helped elevate the brand.

Hyundai Motor Company is launching a smart city construction project to showcase the smart mobility devices and services of the future. zamAt the moment, this human-centered, nature-friendly residential area also deals with urbanization problems such as heavy vehicle traffic and environmental pollution in the city. This concept, called Urban Air Mobility (UAM), aims to use robotic and autonomous electric vehicles extensively in the future. In addition, Hyundai, which foresees the daily use of air taxis until 2030, collects the rewards thanks to these plans and strategies. zamby the authorities at the same time zamis rated at the top.

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