Volkswagen ID Life; Sustainable, Digital, Zambeyond the moment

volkswagen sustainable digital zambeyond the sudden
volkswagen sustainable digital zambeyond the sudden

Volkswagen introduced its new concept car ID.Life at the IAA Munich International Motor Show (IAA MOBILITY 2021). Striking with its strong lines and small dimensions, this all-electric compact crossover offers sustainability, digital technology, zamIt represents the urban mobility concept of the future with its instant design and innovative interior design.

Aiming to make the sustainable mobility of tomorrow more accessible with its “ACCELERATE” strategy, Volkswagen, one of the parts of this strategy, ID. It is preparing to introduce the entry segment member of its family to the market in 2025.

Introduced at the IAA Munich International Motor Show held in Munich between 7-12 September, ID. The LIFE concept also gives clues about the design language of the fully electric small segment model that Volkswagen will introduce to the market in 2025. This compact, all-electric crossover concept combines sustainability, digital technology and zamIt incorporates an innovative design beyond the moment.

The use of natural raw materials and recycled materials reflects the sustainable character of the car. The interior that can turn into a game or movie theater in a short time with cameras instead of mirrors, smartphone integration, touchpads on the steering wheel, intuitive digital operating system, versatile adjustable seats, projection screen, zamIt offers an automobile experience beyond the moment. ID. Life's 234 PS engine can accelerate the vehicle to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds.

Human oriented design

ID LIFE is a car designed from the ground up with sustainable mobility, an exciting driving experience and versatile user needs in mind. plain and zamits appearance beyond the moment is quite remarkable. Its interior design has a human-focused touch and its digital technology directly addresses the needs of the young target audience. Access to the vehicle is via a camera combined with facial recognition software. Thanks to the flexible seating area, the interior can be transformed into a cinema or game room in a short time. There are charging units integrated into the door pockets for smartphones.

clear and flawless

ID. LIFE's design is remarkably clear and high quality. Complex decorative elements and attachments are not included. In addition, the horizontal separation between the body, glass surfaces and the roof adds to the car's understated appearance. Personalized and removable textile ceiling ID made of air-chambered fabric. It gives LIFE an open-air feeling, while reducing the weight of the vehicle.

City car with crossover character

Impressive design, comfortable access, elevated seating position and extraordinarily variable interior, ID. It makes LIFE the ideal tool for the urban mobility of the future. In addition, it is well equipped for off-road driving pleasure with its compact dimensions, ground clearance of 190 millimeters, tilt angles of 26° at the front and 37° at the rear.

Natural and recyclable materials

The sustainable character of ID LIFE is heavily reflected in the choice of materials and paints. On the outside of the vehicle, sawdust is used as a natural coloring agent, together with a bio-based hardener, in the paint coating. This reflects the vision to completely eliminate the need for additional paint coatings by using recycled materials in the body constructions of future vehicles. The air-chambered fabric used on the ceiling and the front hood are made entirely from 100% recycled PET bottles. Among other items, ID. Nio-oil, natural rubber and rice husks are used in LIFE's tires.

Innovative digital operating concept

The vision system, consisting of cameras and a screen, replaces both exterior and interior mirrors. Gear selection, turn signal and windshield wipers are all controlled via a touch panel on the hexagonal hollow steering wheel. When the driver connects to the control system with his smartphone, he can conveniently control the navigation, communication and infotainment system and provides online access to all vehicle data.

Can be used as a game room

In ID.LIFE, a reliable companion for different digital experiences, the interior can quickly turn into a movie theater or a game room. There is also a game console and a projection screen that extends from the instrument panel when necessary. Other devices can optionally be connected to the 230 volt / 16 amp power supply inside. With the front and rear seat backrests fully folded, a comfortable environment can be created for lying down.

front wheel drive electric motor

ID. LIFE is a version built on Volkswagen's MEB (Modular Electric Vehicle Platform) platform for the small segment. The concept, powered by a 234 PS electric motor, is the first model with front-wheel drive based on the MEB platform. This emphasizes the flexible nature of the MEB platform and provides a spacious and spacious area for passengers and cargo space. ID. LIFE accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds. Its high-voltage battery with an energy capacity of 57 kWh provides a range of approximately 400 kilometers compared to WLTP.

towards zero

Volkswagen continues to take firm steps forward on the path to fully electric mobility. ID. LIFE is the eighth concept car built on Volkswagen's MEB (Modular Electric Vehicle Platform) platform. The brand aims to increase the share of all-electric models in total vehicle sales to 2030 percent in Europe and 70 percent in North America and China by 50. ID. LIFE underlines Volkswagen's goal of introducing electric mobility in the high-volume small car segment, thus making millions more electric vehicle owners. Volkswagen combines affordable electric mobility with advanced digitality, sustainable manufacturing and high quality standards.

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Together with the IAA, Volkswagen is also promoting a new website that will be accessible to everyone, with a wealth of informative content from special stories to articles, research and scientific articles on sustainability, innovation and electromobility:

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