Uniroyal Tires in Turkey Again with Continental

Uniroyal tires are back in Turkey with Continental
Uniroyal tires are back in Turkey with Continental

Technology company and Premium tire manufacturer Continental brought rain tire specialist Uniroyal tires to its users in Turkey again. Reflecting 50 years of experience, Uniroyal tires, produced with innovative and cutting-edge technologies, are designed for drivers to reach their destination safely in all weather conditions. Uniroyal tire models range from 13-21 inch rim diameter to 145-295 mm wide. While Uniroyal RainSport3 stands out as the ideal summer tire for sports cars, Rallye 4 x 4 street also draws attention with its superior performance for SUV vehicles.

Standing out with its superior performance and design in rainy weather and wet road conditions, Uniroyal Tires re-entered the Turkish market with the assurance of Continental Turkey. Uniroyal, the creator of rain tires, significantly reduces water flow turbulence thanks to its Shark Skin Technology, which is both safe and enjoyable. It promises a journey.

Inspired by the shark

Continental Turkey General Manager Ali Okan Tamer, who said that Uniroyal tires have continued to add to their reputation as a rain expert since the first rain tire was launched in 1969, said, “We look back on our rich innovation history with one of them, Shark Skin Technology (SST), especially in wet stands out by combining driving pleasure. “With the help of biometrics, our design engineers mimicked the natural water dispersal abilities of sharks to create tires that perform exceptionally in wet weather.”

Aquaplaning occurs when water accumulates in front of the tires faster than the weight of the vehicle, and under these conditions a thin layer of water forms between the tire and the road surface. This thin layer of water, on the other hand, prevents the tire from gripping the road, cutting off its contact with the road and causing the vehicle to stray off the road. Without the clutch, the driver cannot brake and steer. Uniroyal tires that quickly evacuate water from cross channels with shark skin technology (Shark Skin Technology); It offers superior safety and comfort with its aquaplaning safety, low rolling resistance and improved road holding.

Since the sidewall of run-flat tires, also called SSR (self-supporting run-flat) by Uniroyal, is strengthened, air loss is prevented due to the squeezing of the tire sidewall between the rim and the road in the event of a puncture. As a result, drivers can travel 80 km at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour, even when the tire is flat, and the problem of carrying a spare tire is eliminated.

Designed according to need

Uniroyal tire models range from 13-21 inch rim diameter to 145-295 mm wide. In summer tires, RainExpert 4, RainSport4, RainSport 3 and RainMax 3 models for passenger cars, 5X3 and light commercial vehicles stand out.

Uniroyal RainExpert 3 provides a safe and enjoyable driving experience in wet road conditions with its aquaplaning, short braking distance, low rolling resistance and fuel efficiency. RainSport 3, on the other hand, provides full control in cornering and cornering, as well as aquaplaning. RainSport 5, a sports tire for compact, middle class, upper class and SUV vehicles, stands out with its mileage. Developed for the VAN group, RainMax 3 also offers the ideal solution with its aquaplaning, braking and grip performance, mileage and fuel efficiency. Uniroyal all-season AllSeasonExpert 2 also provides safe driving pleasure in wet conditions with high protection against aquaplaning, while providing sensitive steering response and controlled handling on dry roads thanks to its advanced force transmission.

Uniroyal tires not only in terms of performance but also zamIt also stands out in terms of design. Uniroyal is also deemed worthy of prestigious awards such as the Reddot design award and the iF Design Award 2014 for its attention to detail.

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