Sumika Polymer Compounds Starts THERMOFIL HP Production in Turkey

sumika polymer compounds start thermofil hp production in turkey
sumika polymer compounds start thermofil hp production in turkey

Sumika Polymer Compounds Turkey (formerly Emas Grup), a leading player in the Turkish compound market, is starting to produce THERMOFIL HP® (high performance) polypropylene (PP) compounds for customers in Turkey and neighboring countries to the Black Sea.

Sumika Polymer Compounds (SPC) Turkey is part of Sumika Europe, a subsidiary of the Japanese group Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd., which produces various thermoplastic compounds and polyolefin-based elastomers. SPC Turkey has facilities in Gemlik, Bursa and Manisa.

Turkey facilities, which joined Sumika at the beginning of 2019, have many years of experience in the production of mineral and recycled PP. In addition, Thermofil™ HP production is close at the Gemlik factory. zamstarts now. With this addition, SPC Turkey's total production capacity will reach 60Kt per year.

THERMOFIL HP® is a glass fiber reinforced PP compound that can replace polyamides (PA), polybutylene terephthalates (PBT) and long fiber PP. Thermofil™ HP provides users with advantages such as lightness, low cost, low density, high strength and hardness, high impact resistance and easy workability.

Sumika Polymer Compounds is known for its sustainable, robust and high performance PP compounds that are mainly used in automotive, white goods and various industrial applications. The group has production facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Thailand, China, Japan, India, France and most recently Poland.

Sumika Polymer Compounds Europe, part of the Japanese Sumitomo Chemical group, has been producing thermoplastics for over 40 years and offers a variety of thermoplastic compounds and polyolefin-based elastomers. It is a leader in the field of high quality polyolefin thermoplastic compounds and elastomers. The mission of our employees is to directly contribute to the sustainable performance of our business partners. As a specialist in polypropylene (PP) compounds for automotive, white goods and special applications, we are known for a wide range of products specifically designed for high performance. We also supply durable plastic compounds for industrial use. We are constantly developing new technologies to meet future demands. As a member of the global network of Sumika companies in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, Japan, India, Turkey and Poland, we are in a global partnership providing supply and support to our customers worldwide.

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