Prometeon's New R&D Center Opened in Kocaeli

Prometeon's new R&D center was opened in Kocaeli
Prometeon's new R&D center was opened in Kocaeli

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the Prometeon Tire Group New R&D Center in Kocaeli. Noting that Prometeon, a global brand in the tire industry, is an important company that benefits from the opportunities offered by Turkey, Varank said, “Thanks to the R&D center we opened, commercial Prometeon tires that will be sold to the whole world from now on will bear the signature of Turkish engineers.” said.

Minister Varank, in his speech here, pointed out that Kocaeli offers very attractive opportunities to investors with its qualified human resources, technological competencies, infrastructure opportunities and production capabilities, and stated that many national and international companies prefer to invest here.


Emphasizing that Prometeon, which has been producing in Turkey for nearly 60 years, has chosen Turkey as the administrative center of the “Middle East-Africa-Russia” region, Varank said, “Because our country is the most profitable and profitable business in the world for investors with its strong financial system, stable macroeconomic structure and attractive incentives. safe harbor. You can be sure of; Everyone who invested here won, and will continue to earn from now on. I invite especially global companies operating in high-tech sectors to Turkey to make production and R&D investments.” he said.


Noting that the company is an important value for the country both with its production and exports and with the employment it provides, Varank said, “It also makes a significant contribution to the current account balance of our country by exporting approximately 50 percent of its total production to different markets of the world. Thanks to the R&D Center, commercial Prometeon tires, which will be sold to the whole world from now on, will bear the signature of Turkish engineers. Having developed nearly 30 joint projects and 8 patents with TÜBİTAK so far, Prometeon's capacity will increase further with new R&D investments.” said.


Explaining that the Prometeon Group is also one of the investors who take initiatives on climate change, Varank said, “This new R&D center carries out important studies on tires that reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Near zamI believe that they will develop very innovative products and methods at the same time. Investment, production, employment, export. Everything we are looking for is here. As a bonus, they add R&D and environmental responsibility. Since the actual opening of the R&D center, we have benefited from very serious support and exemptions for this business. We will continue this support as long as they continue their work. In addition, we have made significant contributions to projects accepted within the scope of TUBITAK, including grants.” used the phrases.


Stating that they are working hard to ensure that there are no cities without a Technology Development Zone, companies that do not have an R&D and Design Center, Varank said, “We have established an encompassing ecosystem to encourage the private sector to do R&D. As of today, the number of Technopark has reached 89, the number of R&D centers has reached 1251 and the number of design centers has reached 345.” he said.


Emphasizing that knowledge is the dynamo and driving force of economic development, Varank said, “Today, the production, storage and dissemination of knowledge is an important fact of the economy. The source of growth is now seen as the R&D and innovation capacity of countries rather than labor and capital. In this context, as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we see research and development as the guarantee of success in the construction of a great and powerful Turkey.” used the phrases.

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