Individual Vehicle Usage Increases in Turkey Due to the Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, personal vehicle use has increased in Turkey
Due to the pandemic, personal vehicle use has increased in Turkey

Developing technological products with innovative and smart approaches, the world's leading technology brand OSRAM examined the changing consumer habits in travel preferences after the epidemic. The OSRAM Travel Habits Survey shows that 10 out of 9 people drive every day, while the results show that the demand for travel by personal vehicle has increased significantly in 2021.

The epidemic changed travel habits, health concerns during the pandemic period led people to use private vehicles, away from public transportation. When it comes to holidays, travel by private vehicle has taken the place of plane, bus and train journeys. Examining the changing consumer habits in the automotive industry after the epidemic, OSRAM; He explains that in 2021, demand for private car travel will continue to be substantial.

89 percent of Turkey prefers private vehicles for long journeys

With the OSRAM Travel Habits Survey, he investigated the frequency of travel in the new period, vehicle maintenance and control behaviors, and which products are most needed in the vehicle. In the study conducted in June 2021, it was determined that 89 percent of the participants preferred to travel by private vehicle on long journeys.

We should understand consumer behavior and take a position accordingly.

Noting that the Travel Habits Survey will open many new pages in travel habits, from controlled travel to digitalization, from using technology to risk management, Yasmin Özpamir, Marketing Manager for OSRAM Turkey, Middle East and Africa, said, “The pandemic has changed consumption habits in many sectors. For this reason, it is critical to understand the changing consumer behavior in every sector and to take a position accordingly. We drew attention to the changing consumer behavior towards the automotive industry with the new researches we conducted. As OSRAM, we aim to keep the safety and comfort at the highest level in vehicle travel.”

Among the most common problems in vehicle use; tire flat and battery drain

According to the research that sheds light on the most common questions in vehicle use; While tire flattening is the biggest problem with 76 percent, it is followed by battery depletion with 46 percent. Emphasizing that safety is at the forefront of private vehicles, the research reveals that 48 percent of vehicle owners make sure to have their vehicle serviced and tire checked before traveling.

It is desired that the products that should be in the vehicle should be multifunctional.

Yasmin Özpamir, who stated that the useful and multi-functionality of auxiliary products in vehicle use is the reason for preference, continues as follows; "Users prefer the products they use in their vehicles to be multifunctional, and the users who pay attention to the maximum benefit while purchasing a product, make their decisions by taking into account the needs that will arise in the use of the vehicle."

Travels are comfortable and safe with new technologies

OSRAM, developed with innovative and smart approaches; AirZing Mini is with the drivers on long journeys with the TYREinflate and BATTERYcare family. It opens the door to comfortable and safe journeys with new technologies that clean the polluted air in the car, and are solutions to exhausted batteries and flat tires. With AirZing Mini, OSRAM is solving the problem of air hygiene, which is the top priority of our lives with the pandemic. With the TIREinflate 450 compressor, OSRAM enables a fully flat tire to be easily inflated in less than 3,5 minutes. OSRAM, which is a solution to the problem of battery discharge and charging with its BATTERYcare family, offers a safe, compact and economical solution for easy starting of the vehicle in battery discharges.

Brighter and safer driving with OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200

Making a difference with the innovations it has brought to the automobile industry in lighting, OSRAM improves road safety by providing better vision to drivers with the new products it has developed. OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® 200, developed by OSRAM to achieve superior vision at night, provides up to three times more brightness and up to 20 percent more white light than required by law with its powerful headlights.

Thanks to the powerful headlights, the light beam extends up to 150 meters

Stating that OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® 200, developed with the latest technology, provides high light output, OSRAM Turkey Automotive Sales Manager Can Driver said, "With its powerful headlight lamps, it provides up to three times more brightness and up to 20 percent more white light than required by law." The driver said, “Thanks to these powerful headlights, the light beam reaches up to 150 meters. The strong brightness of the headlight allows for better and wider vision. Better visibility also helps drivers recognize traffic signs and hazards faster and react quickly to them without an accident. It increases road safety,'' he said.

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