citroen september campaign makes car owners

Citroen September Campaign Makes Car Owners

In September, Citroen introduces advantageous loans up to zero interest and discounted cash purchase options for its automobile product range to users. Within the scope of the opportunities offered with the advantage of PSA Finans throughout the month; Citroen C5 Aircross [...]

Otokar published the pearl of its sustainability report

Otokar Published the 8th Sustainability Report

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies that set out with the goal of doing the undone 58 years ago, has published its sustainability report for 2020. Technology and technology to improve the living standards of future generations with environmentally friendly and innovative products. [...]

kpmg turkey's automotive report has been published

KPMG Turkey's Automotive Report Has Been Published

According to the Automotive report of the Sectoral Overview series prepared by KPMG Turkey, the automotive industry, which suffered a great loss in 2020 due to the pandemic, started 2021 with the chip crisis and production disruptions. With the effect of rapid digitalization in the industry, gaming [...]

first race excitement in kou electromobile team

First Race Excitement at KOU Electromobile Team

Within the scope of the cooperation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with Kocaeli University, the students supported in the field of technology will be showcased at Teknofest with the vehicle they designed. The team of university students, before Teknofest, with their vehicles at the International Efficiency Challenge Electric [...]