chery entered the sudan market, the automaker chery entered the sudan market by establishing an assembly plant

Chinese Automaker Chery Enters Sudan Market

Chinese automaker Chery has also entered the Sudanese market. The first launch in the country was held in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. China's Ambassador to Sudan, Ma Xinmin, who attended the launch, welcomed Chery and Sudan's GIAD Engineering Industrial Group. [...]

Enduro Enthusiasts Meet in Bursa

Enduro Enthusiasts Gathered in Bursa

The 'Green Way Uludağ Hard Enduro Race', organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality as part of the celebrations of the 99th anniversary of the liberation from the Greek occupation, started with the participation of 250 athletes. President Alinur Aktaş started the races that will last for 3 days. [...]

ford has decided to close the factory in india
American Car Brands

Ford Takes Decision to Close Factory in India

While the chip crisis, which deeply affected the automotive giants, continued, Ford decided to stop its production in India on the grounds that it did not see long-term profitability and could not find a sustainable solution. US-based automotive company Ford, manufacturing and vehicle manufacturing in India [...]

speedway gp race to grand finale

Speedway GP Race To The Grand Finale

Speedway GP, the 11-foot dirt race series of the International Motorcycle Federation FIM, which is watched with interest all over the world, will be held on Saturday, September 11 at Vojens Speedway Center in Vojens, Denmark. [...]

the best in the world in motocross were in opium

The Best of the World in Motocross were in Afyon

Bitci MXGP of TURKEY and Bitci MXGP of AFYON were completed in Afyonkarahisar, where two stages of the World Motocross Championship (MXGP), the formula of motocross, were held. 8th stage of MXGP under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Bitci MXGP of TURKEY [...]

Prometeon's new R&D center was opened in Kocaeli

Prometeon's New R&D Center Opened in Kocaeli

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank inaugurated the Prometeon Tire Group New R&D Center in Kocaeli. A global brand in the tire industry, Prometeon is an important company that benefits from the opportunities offered by Turkey. [...]

moto guzzi v tt travel turkey

Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel in Turkey

V85 TT Travel, the new enduro model of Italian Moto Guzzi, one of the most distinguished motorcycle manufacturers in the world, met with motorcycle enthusiasts in Turkey. Represented in our country by Doğan Trend Automotive affiliated to Doğan Holding. [...]

the vehicles of the future are ready for the tough fight

Vehicles of the Future Ready for the Tough Challenge

Turkey continues to encourage young people about autonomous cars, which are considered to be the vehicles of the future. TEKNOFEST, the world's largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, brings competence to young people in the field of autonomous vehicle technologies. [...]