Otokar Published the 8th Sustainability Report

Otokar published the pearl of its sustainability report
Otokar published the pearl of its sustainability report

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies that set out with the goal of doing the undoable 58 years ago, has published its sustainability report for 2020. Taking advantage of the driving force of technology and digitalization to improve the living standards of future generations with its environmentally friendly and innovative products, the company realizes pioneering works, while saving 1.526 GJ of energy and 150.500 m3 of water in a year in production; It prevented 300 tons of CO2e greenhouse gas emissions.

Otokar, Turkey's leading automotive and defense industry company, has published the 8th Sustainability Report. Adhering to the values ​​and principles shared by Koç Group in its fields of activity and production processes, Otokar is close to people and society, is environmentally friendly, and strictly adheres to the principles of universal business ethics.


Establishing its basic business strategy to improve the living standards of future generations and to contribute to the establishment of peace and security around the world with efficient, environmentally friendly and innovative products whose intellectual rights are 100% owned by itself, Otokar has achieved pioneering works and results with the practices it has implemented this year. General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that Otokar has not only implemented its business strategies towards becoming a global player, but has also increased its efforts to reduce environmental impact and combat climate change; “In the Covid-19 process, which affects the whole world, we quickly took all the measures to protect the health of our employees and ensure the continuity of our activities, and we managed to maintain our business success with the devoted efforts of our employees. Despite all the negativities of the pandemic, we continued our sustainability efforts with the same seriousness during the period.” made the statement.

Serdar Görgüç shared information about the results of the activities carried out within the scope of sustainability studies in his factory, which is spread over an area of ​​552 thousand square meters in Arifiye, and said; “In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we continue our work in the fields of environmental, social and governance without interruption. We would like to thank all our stakeholders, especially our employees, suppliers and business partners, who contributed to this process. Last year, we recycled 150.500 m3 of waste water and brought it back into production with our consistent efforts to increase our sustainability performance and the projects we implemented. We have achieved 1.526 GJ of energy savings and 300 tons of CO2e reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with our energy efficiency efforts. It has been a year in which the development of our employees, our most important capital, is observed, and we protect our egalitarian and participatory business climate. We continued our training activities to improve the professional knowledge and skills of our employees during the pandemic period. During the year, we conducted 24 person x hour employee training. In order to reinforce awareness and knowledge on occupational health and safety, we provided a total of 336 thousand 13 person x hours of training to our employees.”


Continuing its efforts to develop new hardware and applications in line with the needs of the future, Otokar continued its leadership in the sector with its R&D and digital transformation studies last year. Allocating an average of 10 percent of its turnover to R&D activities in the last 8 years, and spending 2020 million TL on R&D in this field in 202, the R&D expenditure of the company in 10 years has exceeded 1,3 billion TL in total. Introducing its new products in the fields of commercial and military vehicles in 2020, the company added a new one to its firsts in the sector with the "Safe Bus" project. It reduced the risk of transmission by implementing four innovative systems in the Safe Bus, which was developed to make public transportation safer under pandemic conditions. Safe Bus City Articulated was used for the first time by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Otokar's 2020 Sustainability Report; The environmental, social and governance performance results of the company's operations were prepared in accordance with the core application level requirements of the GRI Standards.

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