Using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Diesel Particulate Filter Reduces Costs

mercedes benz turk draws attention to the importance of diesel particulate filter
mercedes benz turk draws attention to the importance of diesel particulate filter

Mercedes-Benz Türk helps to protect nature thanks to the low emission value provided by the reliable and low consumption diesel engines offered in its trucks and buses. Mercedes-Benz Türk supports many technological solutions in its diesel engines with Diesel Particulate Filters in order to meet the Euro VI standard, which came into force in our country since 2016, in its vehicles. While 99 percent of the soot particles are retained by the Diesel Particulate Filter, it contributes significantly to the protection of people and the environment.

Mercedes-Benz Turk offers truck and bus owners the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Diesel Particulate Filter for sale at special prices at its authorized services in order to prevent unexpected costs in their vehicles, and to provide ideal engine power and optimum fuel consumption. Mercedes-Benz brand bus and truck owners can replace the Diesel Particulate Filter with prices starting from 395 Euros + VAT, including labor, for vehicles using a single filter, and 749 Euros + VAT for vehicles with double filters.

Within the scope of this campaign, which is valid until 31.12.2021 at participating Mercedes-Benz Türk Authorized Services, a discount coupon of 50 Euros is given to the user for the vehicle whose Diesel Particulate Filter is changed. Vehicle owners have the opportunity to use the defined discount coupon for spare parts expenditures made in the mechanical workshop within 1 year following the Diesel Particulate Filter replacement.

Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning can be costly

Unlike the Diesel Particulate Filter, which is cleaned and used repeatedly by non-experts; The original and unused Diesel Particulate Filter, which is installed on vehicles at Mercedes-Benz Turkish Authorized Services, also contributes positively to the safety of the vehicle. The Diesel Particulate Filter, which is damaged by the cleaning process, also causes the catalytic coating to be deactivated and the filter clogs quickly. A clogged Diesel Particulate Filter also negatively affects the engine performance of the vehicle.

Cleaning will shorten the Diesel Particulate Filter's maintenance intervals and reduce the anticipated replacement. zamcauses it to be changed immediately. Besides, it is foreseen zamThe Diesel Particulate Filter, which is replaced before the moment, increases the maintenance cost of the vehicle. Another negative effect of the cleaning process is that the cleaned Diesel Particulate Filter can cause emission values ​​above the legally prescribed level.

Using the original Mercedes-Benz Diesel Particulate Filter brings advantages

Using genuine Mercedes-Benz Diesel Particulate Filter; While providing optimum fuel economy and engine performance, it also helps to reduce the total cost of ownership of the vehicle. Long and predictable maintenance intervals shorten downtime and avoid higher costly costs. The second hand value of vehicles that comply with EURO VI emission standards is also preserved in this sense.

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