Ford Q1 Quality Certificate for Opet Fuchs' Lubricants Facility in Aliağa

Ford q quality certificate for opet fuchsun mineral oil plant in aliaga
Ford q quality certificate for opet fuchsun mineral oil plant in aliaga

With its new production facility in Aliağa, Opet Fuchs was awarded the 'FORD Q1 Quality Certificate' given by Ford Otosan, of which it is a lubricant partner. Having successfully completed the audits, Opet Fuchs previously held the Q2006 Certificate for its old factory in Çiğli since 1.

Established with the partnership of Opet Petrolcülük A.Ş and Germany-based Fuchs Petrolub SE, Opet Fuchs Madeni Yağlar San. ve Tic. A.Ş.'s new production facility in İzmir Aliağa, Ford Otomotiv San. ve Tic. Inc. It was entitled to receive the 'FORD Q1 Quality Certificate' given to its suppliers by the company. Opet Fuchs, which also has a certificate for its old factory in Çiğli, was awarded the quality certificate with its Aliağa factory, receiving full points from the audits.

“We have documented our quality”

Umut Aksoy, Technical and Operations Director of Opet Fuchs, commented on the certificate: “With this award, we document our quality and we make a commitment to its sustainability. The road to the Q1 prize is a tough one. I would like to thank our team, who always seeks perfection, who secured our development during this process, and the relevant Ford Otosan employees who guided us to reach quality standards.” he said. Ford Otosan Manufacturer Quality Development Manager Fatih Aydoğdu said that it is very meaningful for Opet Fuchs' new factory to be deemed worthy of this award and said, “We are proud to receive the best quality certificate presented by Ford for this factory, which is one of the best examples of the Turkish industry. Quality will always remain our priority, as it has been throughout our long-standing cooperation.” used the phrases.

Q1 Certification is awarded to suppliers who demonstrate excellence beyond their requirements

Opet Fuchs' new mineral oil production facility, which was put into operation in Aliağa two years ago and equipped with a process automation system, was established on a total area of ​​55 thousand m². With the facility, which has an annual production capacity of 60 thousand tons in a single shift, in a wide range of products, including engines, gears, hydraulic systems, industrial oils, antifreeze, the traceability of the products offered to its customers by Opet Fuchs and the sustainability of its quality have been increased.

In the Research and Development Laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art physical, chemical and performance devices, new product developments are made in line with customer requests, and product prototype studies and verifications are carried out.

In the ISO 17025 approved Quality Control Laboratory, which has the highest number of Türkak test approvals in the industry, the quality of the components and final products used in production is ensured, while contributing to customer satisfaction, which is one of the company's primary goals. On the Fullcheck platform, the oils that are running in the vehicles and equipment of the customers are analyzed, and evaluations about the condition of both the oils and the equipments contribute to the optimum performance of these systems.

Within the scope of the Q1 Certificate; Inspections are carried out in five critical areas: capable systems, continuous improvement, continuous superior performance, superior production process and customer satisfaction. Only Ford suppliers that can demonstrate excellence beyond meeting the IATF 16949 standard are eligible to receive the certificate.

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