First Race Excitement at KOU Electromobile Team

first race excitement in kou electromobile team
first race excitement in kou electromobile team

Within the scope of the cooperation of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with Kocaeli University, students supported in the field of technology will be showcased at Teknofest with the vehicle they designed. The team consisting of university students will compete with their vehicles in the International Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races before Teknofest. The KOU Electromobile Team, which will compete for the rank at the Körfez track on September 4-5, loaded the vehicle they designed with their own hands on the tractor and transported it to the area where the race will take place.


A joint service protocol was signed between Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Kocaeli University in cultural, artistic, scientific and technological fields. The Electric Vehicle Project, implemented by Mechatronics and Automotive clubs, is supported by the Metropolitan as a sponsor for the project realized to participate in the "International Electric Vehicle Races" organized by TÜBİTAK.


KOU Electromobile Team captains Yasin Torun and Berkil Genç, who prepared for the race and made the final checks of the vehicle with their team, talked about their work. The captains said that they designed all the stages of the vehicle together with their own crews. Expressing that they will participate in a race for the first time with their vehicles that have completed the production phase, the young captains thanked Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın for his unwavering support.


KOU Electromobile Team, consisting of 46 main and 36 support team

It consists of 82 members in total. Faculty members from KOU Mechatronics and Automotive Engineering advise the team. 45 Automotive Engineering, 29 Mechatronics Engineering, 3 Mechanical Engineering, 2 Energy in the team

There are Systems Engineering and 2 Electrical Engineering students.


The vehicle prepared by the KOU Electromobile Team will be exhibited at TEKNOFEST, which will take place in Istanbul on September 21-26 after the races. On the other hand, KOU Electromobile Team achieved great success by ranking 24th among 83 Teams in the Preliminary Design Report announced on April 7 this year and 21th among 64 Teams in the Technical Design Report announced on 8 August.

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