Those with Congested Heart Arteries Should Not Oppose Vaccination


Since the complaints of patients who are caught with Covid while their heart vessels are clogged and have a heart attack, they are especially confused with lung complaints, they are diagnosed later. Because they had Covid, their lungs were not able to handle an open heart surgery; Closed heart surgery called mini by-pass is an ideal surgery for these patients.

While the Ministry of Health and health workers continue to work on vaccination with great struggle and devotion every day, on the other hand, there is an opposition to vaccination based on hearsay. Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak is a surgeon who saved many of his patients from heart attack during the COVID-19 pandemic. prof. Dr. Barış Çaynak warns:

“It is said that the vaccine is harmful to the heart, there is a risk ratio that will be multiplied by a million between the damage of the vaccine to the heart and catching Covid while the coronary arteries are clogged. The risk of the vaccine is one in a million. The risk is that high.”


“The opponents of the vaccine say, 'The vaccine causes myocarditis, it causes inflammation of the heart.' People who have clogged heart vessels and have Covid are having a heart attack. In fact, if people at risk of heart attack were vaccinated, they would come to surgery without having an attack. They are having a heart attack because of Covid. That's why I recommend my patients to get vaccinated. They are having a heart attack because they are caught in Covid without being understood when their heart vessels are clogged. Therefore, if you have a risk of cardiovascular occlusion, if you become Covid, you will survive much harder, your risk of having a heart attack increases. So get your vaccine.”


Cardiovascular Surgeon Specialist Prof. said, “The complaints of patients who are caught in Covid with clogged heart vessels and have a heart attack are diagnosed later, especially because they are confused with lung complaints.” Dr. Barış Çaynak said, “Because it was diagnosed late, their heart muscle was damaged and they decided to have an operation. Another risky situation is that their lungs are not in a position to handle an open heart surgery due to Covid, and their lung capacity and functions are reduced. Closed heart surgery, which we call mini by-pass here, is an ideal surgery for these patients. Since the sternum is not opened in mini by-pass surgery, the complications related to the surgery are slightly less. Since the chest cavity is not entered, pulmonary traumas are minimized. These patients stay in the intensive care unit for one day. Since postoperative pain control is much more comfortable, they can easily perform respiratory physiotherapy and be discharged on the 4th day. Mini by-pass surgery is a very serious alternative in patients who have heart attacks after Covid.

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