Healthy Drinks That Can Be Consumed Instead of Energy Drinks!


The first choice of those who want to increase their energy in daily life is usually energy drinks with high caffeine content. Stating that energy drinks are mostly used by children and young people to stay awake while studying or to have fun for long hours, experts point out that consumption of 200 mg or more caffeine during the day can lead to poisoning. Experts share healthy drink recommendations that provide an energy boost instead of caffeine-containing energy drinks.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Dietician Özden Örkcü shared his suggestions for energizing drinks that can be consumed instead of tea and coffee.

Beware of caffeine poisoning!

Stating that energy drink consumption is primarily a health issue for adolescent and young adult male population, Dietitian Özden Örkcü said, “The most common side effects are the cardiovascular and neurological systems being affected in connection with substance abuse and risk-taking behaviors. The most common ingredient in energy drinks is caffeine. These drinks are often used among children and teenagers to stay awake and have long hours of fun while studying. Individuals usually develop symptoms of caffeine poisoning at doses above or equal to 200 mg. In case of poisoning, symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort, muscle twitching, restlessness and periods of fatigue.

Healthy drinks also energize

Pointing out that hallucinations can be seen in people who consume more than 300 mg of caffeine per day, Örkcü shared his recommendations for healthy drinks that increase energy:

Gingseng and Licorice Root Tea

Ginseng helps to be more vigorous by acting on the nervous system, especially mental fatigue. It will be a healthier alternative to energy drinks. Its preparation is quite simple. Ginseng and licorice root should be put in a thermos or a large teapot and 4 glasses of boiling water should be added to it. After brewing for 20 minutes, the liquid should be poured into a separate container. Add 4 more glasses of boiling water to ginseng and licorice root and infuse for another 20 minutes. This process can be repeated up to 5 times with the same roots. After the tea is filtered, it can be consumed throughout the day.

Oregano oil extract

Thyme can be fought in the body with its strong antioxidant properties against viral fatigue and bacterial infections. same zamIt also improves the functioning of the digestive and immune system. 1-2 drops can be added to a glass of water and drunk once a day. Just a few drops will suffice as it tastes slightly bitter.

Beet Juice

In a study conducted at the University of Exeter in England, it was concluded that beet juice prolongs athletic endurance. Beetroot is also a vegetable that has the ability to reduce blood pressure. Vitamin, mineral and fiber ratio can be increased by supplementing beet juice with other vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and celery.


Water is a very important drink to maintain energy throughout the day. Water should always be the first choice above all else. Most zamAt the moment, people are looking for fancy energy drinks packed with sugar, caffeine, and other additives to get through the day when all they need is better hydration. So the water bottle zamThe moment should be kept full.

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