What You Should Know Before Using Industrial Chemicals


Different parts of the world have industries that benefit human life and needs in various ways. Industrialization basically involves the production of goods and services useful to humans by processing various natural or synthetic chemicals. industrial chemicals; It can be solution-based, such as lithium bromide solutions, chemicals containing activated carbon, highly acidic chemicals, or chemicals containing naturally radioactive metals.

Man-made or synthetic, chemicals that make up substances and compounds used in the preparation of goods and services are generally included in the group of dangerous substances. People can be harmed when exposed to industrial chemicals, and this danger can even have fatal consequences. However, chemicals have successful applications in industries.

The effects of industrial chemicals mainly pose a risk or hazard to workers working in factories. Most of the factory workers; they may lack the knowledge of how to deal with chemicals at work, the side effects of the chemical and how to protect themselves from the side effects of these chemicals. For successful risk management and worker safety, it is important to understand the potential hazards of industrial chemicals before processing the chemical.

What is Industrial Chemical?

Industrial chemicalsare chemicals developed for industrial processing. Some industrial chemicals are used only in industrial manufacturing processes, while others are used as ingredients in commercial products for the consumer market. The class of industrial chemicals is extensive, including solvents, reactants, lubricants, coatings, paints, colorants, inks, sealants, stabilizers, plasticizers, fragrances, flame retardants, conductors and insulators.

Significant exposure to these chemicals can cause harmful effects on humans or the environment. Some industrial chemicals are “Persistent Organic Pollutants”, namely POPs for short. The effects of industrial chemicals, which are POPs, on human health can range from mild skin irritation, dizziness and headaches to chronic effects on the immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems. Some industrial POPs are considered cancer-causing agents. Common features of POPs are:

  • It can be widely distributed into the environment as a result of natural processes involving soil, water and most importantly air.
  • It can remain intact for quite a long time.
  • It can accumulate in the adipose tissue of living organisms, including humans.
  • It is found at high levels and in high concentrations in the food chain.
  • It is toxic to both humans and wildlife.

Precautions for Safe Use of Industrial Chemicals

It should be the responsibility of industry management to provide training to workers or users who will handle chemicals to raise awareness of safety precautions against harmful chemicals. Basic guidelines for chemical handling should be well taught to all workers and users.

  • The first thing to consider is the proper disposal of toxic chemicals. Toxic chemicals should not be disposed of in open areas. Before toxic industrial chemicals are disposed of, containers must be properly sealed.
  • Workers working in industry should use appropriate equipment that protects sensitive areas of the body for industrial gases released as a result of the reaction of the chemical. When working with industrial chemicals, it is necessary to use gloves or safety glasses to protect eyes and hands.
  • Combustible chemicals should be used with extreme caution. A suitable ventilation system should be available against accidents that may result from the use of flammable industrial chemicals.
  • In the transportation of chemicals, containers that are resistant to industrial chemicals and impermeable should be used, and appropriate transportation facilities should be provided.
  • All chemicals should be appropriately identified and labeled with their meanings to make workers or users aware of adverse effects in advance.
  • If chemicals come into contact with your body, you should seek immediate medical attention to avoid any harm to your body.

Chemicals in solution form, such as lithium bromide solution, or solid form chemicals, such as compounds containing activated carbon, may have different uses and precautions, as they have different forms.

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