Considerations While Brushing Teeth


Dentince Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Dentist Deniz İnce gave important information about the subject. Tooth brushing is not only for maintaining oral and dental health, but also zamIt is now a known fact that it is also important to keep our body healthy at the same time. Dentist Deniz İnce, who said that brushing teeth correctly has very important effects on both oral and dental health and general health, talked about the things that should be paid attention while brushing teeth.

Toothbrush Choice is Important

In order for brushing to achieve the desired effect, the toothbrush must be chosen carefully. At this point, the most important element is the bristles of the toothbrush. Dentist Deniz İnce stated that some people think that the toothbrush should have hard bristles in order to provide adequate cleaning, but this is wrong. The soft and bendable bristles of the toothbrush allow it to go under the gums and thus allow for thorough cleaning. The soft bristles of the toothbrush, which clean the bacteria on the gums and loosen the plaque on the teeth and gums, are the same. zamIt also helps prevent tooth wear.

Brushing Style Should Be Careful

It may be thought that brushing should be done very hard to clean the teeth, but there is no problem in cleaning the teeth with soft movements. Brushing too hard can cause bleeding and irritation in the gums, as well as wear on the teeth. It is more correct to consider massaging, not brushing, while brushing teeth. Brushing, which is applied as if massaging with small circular movements, is the same in terms of protecting the health of teeth and gums. zamIt is also very important in terms of the effect of brushing.

Really Zammoment must be separated

Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day for two minutes each time. It is a common behavior to start brushing and stop brushing within 10-15 seconds, thinking that brushing is sufficient. We clearly state that for oral and dental health, brushing should be made a habit at an early age. zamWe recommend that it be carried out for 2 minutes by keeping the time with an alarm or a mobile phone alarm.

Pay Attention to the Gum Line

Another point to be considered about tooth brushing is that teeth should not be brushed only. There is a distance of 1-3 millimeters where the tooth starts to come out of the gum. This area also needs to be brushed well. Dentist Deniz İnce, who stated that brushing teeth is not just brushing the teeth, added that the process should be handled together and that the gums should be brushed as well.

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