The Biggest Event of 2021 Turkey MotoFest Has Started

Turkey's biggest event, motofest, has started
Turkey's biggest event, motofest, has started

Turkey's integrated youth and sports festival, Turkey MotoFest, started with great interest in Afyonkarahisar, where two stages of MXGP, the formula of motocross, will be held. Turkey MotoFest concerts, which started with Necati and Saykolar and Mustafa Ceceli concerts, will continue with Cem Adrian and Ufuk Beydemir concerts today.

Ufuk Beydemir will take the stage tonight at 20:00 at the festival concert venue with his new style and energy to rock music. Cem Adrian, who excludes borders, styles and rules in music and defines himself only as a “free musician”, will meet with the visitors of Turkey MotoFest from 22:00. Cem Adrian, who will meet with his beloved, will sing his most popular songs until the late hours of the night.

Turkey's biggest event, motofest, has started

Unique events at Turkey MotoFest

Within the scope of Turkey MotoFest, Turkey's integrated youth and sports festival, mind and intelligence games, foot darts, basketball, live music, children's motorcycle training, children's face painting, clowns, giant swings, e-sports games, marbling work, rope skipping, calligraphy, Many activities such as painting, table tennis, amusing, mini ATV, mini golf, picklerball, rodeo, simulator games, water skiing, climbing wall, trampoline, space truck, local handicrafts, zipline will be held.

In addition, the brands in the festival area have the opportunity to experience the official games of MXGP and Formula 1 and to discover MXGP and F1 cars.

Turkey's and the world's leading brands at the festival

The biggest event in Europe in 2021 and Turkey's integrated youth sports festival, Turkey MotoFest hosts the leading brands of Turkey and the world.

In Turkey MotoFest this year, besides sports brands such as Anlas, BMW Motorroad, Honda, Kymco, MOTED, Suziki, Yamaha; There are important brands of Turkey and the world such as Avşar Mineral Waters, Danet, Levent Börek, Misli, Monster, Özerband and Redbull.

Within the framework of the social responsibility and sustainability efforts of the motorcycle, there are AFAD, Green Crescent, AKUT stands and Ali Kuşçu Mobile Space Truck, Narcotic Training Truck, and Traffic Training Truck.

Bitci MXGP of TURKEY and Bitci MXGP of AFYON

The 8th stage of the World Motocross Championship, one of the most watched races in the world, Bitci MXGP of TURKEY and the 9th stage of Bitci MXGP of AFYON will be held in the same week for the first time in the world.

Bitci MXGP of TURKEY will be run on 4-5 September and Bitci MXGP of AFYON will be run on 7-8 September at Afyon MotorsTporları Center with the “Best Track in the World” award. The races, in which the world's best motocrossers will compete, are broadcast in 7.3 countries where 180 billion people live and are watched by 3.1 billion viewers. Bitci MXGP of TURKEY and Bitci MXGP of AFYON races will be broadcast live on TRT SPOR and TRT SPOR YILDIZ in Turkey.

The race, which will be held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, is sponsored by TURKSAT, Budget Motorcycle, ANLAS, Özerband, Levent Börek and Misli; Motorcycle Industry Association (MOTED), BMW Motorroad, Doğan Trend, Kymco, Honda, Yamaha, Karcher, ECC Tur, NG Hotels Afyon, Jura Hotels, Afbel Termal Hotel, Akrones Hotel, Budan Thermal Hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton Afyonkarahisar, Eresin Hotels, Korel Thermal Resort, Oruçoğlu Thermal Resort, Özgül Thermal Holiday Village, Yeniletişim, PowerApp, ActaMedya, Digital Services, are made with the support of Anadolu Production.

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