The 7 Most Frequently Applied Aesthetic Procedures in the Facial Area


Our face is like our showcase in communicating with people. A person who is satisfied with the beauty of his face has the chance to communicate more confidently. That's why almost everyone cares about facial beauty. As a result, he has a number of aesthetic procedures done. Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Defne Erkara gave information about the most common aesthetic procedures in the facial area.

In order to talk about facial beauty, the harmony of the organs on the face is very important. As each of them is beautiful individually, we pay more attention to their harmony with each other. Therefore, the procedures to be performed for everyone are different and unique. In the face area, we mostly perform nose aesthetics, ear aesthetics, eyelid surgery, face lift, facial fat injection surgery. In addition, non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as botox, under-eye light filling, cheek filling, chin filling, nasolabial filling are also frequently performed.

Kiss. Dr. Defne Erkara continues her words as follows;


Since it is located in the middle of the face and is the organ that affects the face shape the most, the most common aesthetic operation on the face is rhinoplasty. Complaints such as size of the nose, curvature, and arching of the back are seen. The main goal is to create a natural nose suitable for the face shape.

Ear Aesthetics

The most common aesthetic problem in the ear is the prominent ear problem. It is possible to get rid of this problem by leaning the ears back with surgery. In addition, some structural problems in the ear, such as the cup ear, can also be corrected with appropriate plastic surgery operations.

Eyelid Surgery

The most common discomfort we see in the eyelid is the drooping of the upper eyelid. It mostly occurs with advancing age. It gives the person both an old and tired appearance. In the operation, the excess skin on the upper eyelid is removed and a taut upper eyelid appearance is achieved. On the other hand, bagging is generally seen in the lower eyelid. Again, the correction of this problem is done by removing excess skin and fat packs that cause bagging.

Face Lift

In advanced ages, sagging and wrinkles occur in the face area depending on age and gravity. It is possible to tighten the facial skin by removing the excess skin from the loosened skin with face lift surgery.

Facial Fat Injection

Sometimes, depending on weakening and sometimes with the advancement of age, subcutaneous adipose tissue decreases. Thus, the facial skin appears saggy and wavy. With the transfer of fat from other parts of the body to the face, the face looks fuller, rounder and more vibrant.

Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetic Procedures

Botox is the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure on the face. It is very effective for the wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead and crow's feet. It should be repeated every 6 months.

The first and most effective option for bruises and pits under the eyes is under-eye light filling. Light filling with hyaluronic acid active ingredient needs to be repeated every 12-18 months.

Lip augmentation can be done for thin or misshapen lips to achieve an aesthetic appearance. Lip augmentation both fills the lip, clarifies the lip contour, and helps to correct the deformities of the lips.

Cheek filling not only makes the cheeks look fuller but also adds clarity to the cheekbones. While this process is mostly done with hyaluronic acid fillers, sometimes fat injection can be used.

In cases where the lower jaw line is unclear or the lower jaw is behind, the jaw line can be made more prominent with hyaluronic acid fillers. In addition, the filling applied to the chin tip can push the chin forward. In more severe cases, oil injection can also be used.

If the nasolabial line of the mouth is deepened, this line can be lightened or even eliminated by filling or fat injection to be applied here.

These are 7 of the 6 aesthetic procedures in the face area. The 7th procedure is hair transplantation. After the problems in other parts of the face are resolved, the hairy area, or rather the balding area, can be covered with hair transfer from the nape. Thus, facial area aesthetics is completed.

Kiss. Dr. Defne Erkara finally expressed the following;“As a result: if you are suffering from aesthetic problems in your facial area, you can consult an aesthetic surgeon of your choice and get information about the necessary treatments specific to you and have the procedures you want done.”

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