Kocaeli Honda Factory, Where 2 Thousand People Eat Bread, Officially Closed

Kocaeli honda factory, where a thousand people ate bread, was officially closed
Kocaeli honda factory, where a thousand people ate bread, was officially closed

Honda officially closed its factory in the neighboring province of Kocaeli, where approximately 2 thousand people work, after removing the last vehicle from the tape.

Continuing production for 1997 years since 24, Honda's period in Turkey has come to an end. With an announcement made in 2019, Honda announced that it will stop production in September 2021 in its factory in Gebze, where it produces the very popular Civic model, which is also very popular in Turkey, and officially closed the factory.

Honda Turkey, which provides job opportunities to around 2 thousand employees, has been unloaded from the last domestic production Honda Civic Sedan model in its factory in Gebze. Factory workers said the vehicle, which was unloaded from the tape, “The last vehicle of 2021 Honda Civic. There is no vehicle production in Turkey anymore”. Japanese technology giant Honda, which came to the fore with hoarding claims, will now import the Civic model.

On the other hand, Japanese technology giant Honda Turkey had previously announced the closure with the following message: “Honda Turkey A.Ş. It has reached an agreement to transfer its production facilities in Gebze to HABAŞ Group.

As a result of the agreement reached between the parties, the delivery date of the said real estate will be realized after September 2021. Honda Turkey will transfer its facility in Gebze to HABAŞ Group.

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