Yuasa Boosts the Energy of Motorcycle Users

Yuasa adds power to the energy of motorcycle users
Yuasa adds power to the energy of motorcycle users

İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and Japanese GS Yuasa, offers strong performance to motorcycle users in Turkey with its Yuasa brand, the world leader in the motorcycle battery market. Setting out with the motto of 'winning performance', Yuasa's battery options specially designed for motorcycle users both promise a safe journey to drivers and extend the life of motorcycles. Maintenance-free, high-performance and long-lasting motorcycle batteries produced by the brand http://www.yuasa.com.tr available on the website.

İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding, a well-established company in the automotive supply industry in Turkey, and Japanese GS Yuasa, the world's battery giant, offers 'winning performance' with its Yuasa branded products that will meet the needs of motorcycle riders. Yuasa brand products, which met with motorcycle riders in Turkey in 2018, are the leader in the motorcycle battery market in the world.

Cihan Elbirlik, Director of the Executive Board of İnci GS Yuasa, stated that motorcycle use is no longer a hobby and is preferred for fast and quality transportation, and stated that Yuasa branded batteries both successfully meet this need of motorcycle enthusiasts and offer a safe journey with their high performance: “Yuasa is a global brand in the motorcycle battery market. In the Far East, it is the market leader by far and zamIt is also the supplier of many OEM brands. It is accepted as a reference in terms of product performance in global markets. As İnci GS Yuasa, we put Yuasa branded Japanese technology batteries on the roads of Turkey in 2018. We have progressed on this path, taking into account the needs. Technical differences in travel vehicles also determine the battery to be preferred. Considering the increasing demand for individual journeys with the pandemic and the parallel increase in motorcycle use, the value of the battery, which has a significant impact on the speed efficiency and operation of the motorcycle, shows itself once again at this point. For this reason, with our Yuasa batteries that will meet the most basic needs of drivers in the motorcycle market, we stand by those who set out with high performance efficiency without compromising on quality.“

Yuasa batteries that offer more power with less maintenance; It can be used in many vehicles from motorcycles to ATVs and UTVs, from Jet Skis to motorized water vehicles and snow sleds. İnci GS Yuasa delivers the right option to its customers with the tests that started during the production phase and the support provided after sales.

Long and Maximum Performance Guarantee with Yuasa Batteries

YTZ series batteries that appeal to the premium segment and are produced in Japan; It stands by motorcycle users with its high starting power, long life, maximum performance and maintenance-free ease of use. In addition, special protection covers against leakage, special active material resistant to vibration, wide plate grille design that supports maximum starting power, AGM separators and polypropylene cover and housing distinguish YTZ batteries from others. All details on easy access to Yuasa motorcycle batteries http://www.yuasa.com.tr You can learn from the website, you can find the battery suitable for your vehicle in seconds with the Find Battery application.

First Place Flag in Motor Racing

Yuasa has been a sponsor of MotoGP races since 2013 and the HRC Repsol Honda Team and MotoGP champion Marc Márquez. Marc Marquez, who took his place on the MotoGP tracks this year after winning his sixth MotoGP championship in 2019, continues to stir the dust by getting his strength from Yuasa in the races. Yuasa continues to carry the flag of first place in motor racing by sharing its years of experience with experts in the field.

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