TotalEnergies and Amazon Announce Strategic Collaboration

totalenergies and amazon announce strategic collaboration
totalenergies and amazon announce strategic collaboration

It has been announced by TotalEnergies that TotalEnergies will contribute to Amazon's commitment to run its operations on 100 percent renewable energy, while Amazon will form a strategic collaboration to help TotalEnergies accelerate its digital transformation. This strategic deal will cover both TotalEnergies and Amazon businesses. The following activities will be covered by the agreement:

Renewable energy: With TotalEnergies, which has signed power purchase agreements to commit to 474 MW of renewable energy capacity in the US and Europe, Amazon also plans to expand its partnerships in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. By supplying renewable energy and battery energy solutions, TotalEnergies will contribute to Amazon's goal of operating on 2030 percent renewable energy by 100 and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Cloud computing: TotalEnergies will accelerate the transition to cloud technology with leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), accelerating information technology transformation, digitization of operations and digital innovation processes. In particular, TotalEnergies' Digital Factory will benefit significantly from comprehensive AWS services, including infrastructure, speed, reliability and innovation services. TotalEnergies will also evaluate AWS High-Performance Computing technology to accelerate critical workflows and further accelerate innovation in its businesses around the world.

Stéphane Michel, Head of Natural Gas, Renewable Energy and Power Systems at TotalEnergies, said: “TotalEnergies is committed to reducing carbon emissions from its operations and supporting its customers around the world to become partners in this mission. By signing this agreement, we are proud to have made this important collaboration with Amazon and accompany them on their journey to become carbon neutral.” “We are confident that Amazon and AWS will help us advance the momentum we have achieved in the speed, scale and evolution of digitization.”

Kathrin Buvac, vice president of AWS Strategic Industries, said: “Working with TotalEnergies on innovative cloud technologies to reduce carbon emissions and deliver new renewable energy sources is inspiring.zam an opportunity. This collaboration will not only accelerate TotalEnergies' transition to the cloud, but also zamAt the same time, it will also contribute to Amazon's commitment to run its operations on 100 percent renewable energy.”

TotalEnergies' renewable energy and electricity activities

As part of its goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, TotalEnergies is building a portfolio of activities in renewable energy and electricity, which will represent 2050 percent of its sales by 40. At the end of 2020, TotalEnergies' worldwide gross power generation capacity was approximately 7 GW, including 12 GW of renewable energy. TotalEnergies will continue to grow in this space to reach 5 GW of gross generation capacity from renewable sources by 2025, and then 35 GW by 2030, with the goal of becoming one of the top 100 companies in the world in renewable energy.

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