The Most Common Accidents at Homes and Precautions to Take


Home accidents are among the top causes of death in the world and in Turkey. Accidents that do not result in death can lead to significant permanent disability and damage. Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared 5 common accidents in homes and suggestions to prevent these accidents.

Falls and bumps

The most common fall or impact accidents among home accidents occur as a result of falling from furniture such as tables, armchairs, stairs, bunk beds, balconies and windows, slippery and unsuitable floors. Generally, elderly individuals and children are more likely to encounter fall accidents. It is possible to reduce these accidents by fixing large items such as televisions and bunk beds, by using handrails on slippery surfaces such as bathrooms, bathtubs and balconies or handrails.

Cuts and jams

One of the most dangerous and accident-prone areas in the house is the kitchen. A serious number of injuries occur every year due to knives or cutting objects used in the kitchen. Not keeping sharp objects in the kitchen, storing sharp household items such as knives at a height where children cannot reach, using a non-slip cutting board, holding knives with non-wet hands, using thick gloves for dishes to be washed by hand are among the practical measures to prevent accidents that may occur in the kitchen.


Children with an interest in wet areas are likely to be in danger of drowning. To avoid such a situation, the bathroom and toilet doors should always be locked. Another choking hazard is the fact that children aged 0-3, who are extremely curious, try to swallow any object they find. Small or breakable toys, coins and nuts such as nuts, peanuts, seeds should not be kept away from children.


Along with the pandemic process, the intensive use of cleaning materials preferred for home hygiene increases the rates of poisoning. Mixing bleach and different detergents in particular causes a risk of poisoning for children, the elderly and other family members. It is important to use cleaning materials in a way that does not come into contact with the skin and in an appropriate amount. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the drugs that children liken to small sweets cause irreversible poisoning. In such a case, 112 should be called without wasting time, or if it is in a close distance, the nearest health institution should be visited.

Fires and burns

Fires or burns are usually caused by forgetting a plug in the socket, leaving the stove on, touching a heated kitchen utensil such as pots and pans, or keeping lighters and matches within the reach of children. One of the most important precautions to be taken is to have a fire extinguisher at home. In addition, flammable materials such as matches and lighters should be kept away from children. After use, the irons should be turned off immediately and the cords should not be left hanging.

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