Troubled Nose Makes You Unhappy!


Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Specialist Op.Dr.Bahadır Baykal gave information on the subject. Mobbing (bullying) is unfortunately a very common problem, with many children and adolescents being the target of cruel taunts by their peers about their "flawed" noses.

Nose aesthetic surgery should not be performed under the age of 18 because it does not complete the development of the nose. People who have been exposed to such teasing, especially during adolescence, may want to have rhinoplasty when they are young adults.

There may be both functional and aesthetic reasons why people are unhappy with their noses. If we talk about some of the main reasons for applications for nose surgery:

The nose is the most characteristic structure that affects the entire appearance of the face. Targeted with rhinoplasty; to make the nose harmonious and proportional to the other features of the face and thus to create harmony on the face.

Nose Aesthetics and Nose Functions

Many people want to have nose surgery because their nose functions do not work properly and they have difficulty in breathing. Issues such as deviation problems, turbinate hypertrophy, polyps and sleep apnea can be addressed simultaneously with rhinoplasty. In most functional rhinoplasty patients, the aim should be to correct the nasal deformity that causes breathing with a natural and beautiful appearance.

The statistical report data of the American Association of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS) in recent years indicates that rhinoplasty is the most common aesthetic intervention for people under the age of 30 living in the USA. As soon as they build their financial strength, they seek to solve these problems as young adults. Although rhinoplasty seems to be a more common procedure in women, it is also performed quite frequently in men. Of course, many people also benefit from rhinoplasty for healthy breathing.

Sometimes, we also benefit from rhinoplasty in the improvement of deformities that occur in cases such as congenital abnormalities, developmental disorders or accidental injuries.

Dramatic Results

Yes, you can have a more beautiful nose with a successful surgery, but if you approach this surgery with the logic of the only solution to all your dissatisfaction with your life, you will be wrong. Realistic expectations and goals are essential for your happiness. But my observation is that; People who are happy as a result of a successful operation increase their self-confidence.

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