Pre-Insurance Pert Vehicle Control

pre-insurance pert vehicle inspection
pre-insurance pert vehicle inspection

Vehicles that have become irreparable due to heavy damage are called pert vehicles. So what are the details that buyers should know in pert vehicle purchase and sale? TÜV SÜD D-Expert has compiled it for you in the latest blog post.

Pert Vehicle Control

It is defined as pert vehicle control by any insurance company in the previous period, if the vehicles that were reserved for pert condition due to an accident were repaired in some way, based on motor own damage policy requests.

What is the Purpose of Pert Vehicle Control?

Situations taken as basis in Pert Vehicle Inspection, apart from the second-hand vehicle expertise, to check the current status of the vehicle without including the past status and whether the repair made after the damage received in the past period was made in accordance with the standards, whether the vehicle equipment, brake systems and running parts are in operation It is done in order to determine.

Risks are Expressed in Detail

As a result of the control carried out, if the vehicle is covered by an automobile insurance policy, the information about the current status of the vehicle and the risks it contains are revealed in detail.

What Are the Checks Performed?

General fault inquiries made with the Diagnostic test device within the Pert vehicle control, front, rear and hand brake tests on the brake tester, mechanical, walking and sub-component controls on the lift, vehicle interior and hardware functionality checks, torpedo, AirBag and seat belt checks, General condition assessment of the bodywork and tire general checks are carried out.

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