RedBull Car Park Drift Excitement in Bursa

redbull car park drift excitement in bursa
redbull car park drift excitement in bursa

Under the coordination of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department and RedBull, with the contributions of TOSFED, the 2021th race of the RedBull Car Park Drift 7 season will be held at Bursa Yunuseli Airport on Sunday, 20 August with the participation of 29 faster racers.

The RedBull Car Park Drift race, which will witness legendary names, breathtaking performances, exciting shows, powerful cars and a smoky summit, will offer motorsports lovers an unforgettable day at Bursa Yunuseli Airport on 28-29 August 2021. Drift stars will show their skills on the track consisting of 11 different obstacles and make the asphalt cry. The participant who won the first place among the finalists after the qualifying stage will represent Turkey in the world final in Egypt.

All the income from the organization will be saplings in the damaged forests in our green homeland.

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