Opel Museum where Opel's Classic Models are Exhibited Can Now Be Visited Online

The opel museum, where the classic models of opel are exhibited, can now be visited online
The opel museum, where the classic models of opel are exhibited, can now be visited online

Opel brought the Opel Museum, which brings together more than 120 years of automobile production experience and 159 years of brand history, to the virtual platform and opened it to online visits. Opel's collection of classic models; It is grouped under four different themes: “Alternative Driving”, “Racing World”, “Magnificent Twenties” and “Transport for Everyone”. Thanks to the information cards on the cars during the virtual thematic tours in question, the German automaker offers a virtual journey to the important moments in Opel's history. The Opel museum can be visited at opel.com/opelclassic.

German automotive giant Opel has opened its more than 120 years of automobile production experience and 159 years of brand history to visitors through an online exhibition. Visitors can easily visit the exhibition located at the former loading station K6 on the Rüsselsheim factory site, any day and any time of the year.

During the 360-degree tours, visitors first reach the "sacred halls" of the Opel Classic collection virtually. This is a real treasure where the Şimşek logo brand has over 600 classic car models, as well as 300 other display items, from Opel sewing machines to aircraft engines. There are yellow information points on the vehicles of the selected thematic tour. These yellow kiosks allow visitors to take a close look at the objects in the exhibition, such as bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles or concept cars. When the yellow information point is clicked; A window opens where you can get information about the profile, historical significance and technical points of the product on display.

“Experience Opel's rich history in the comfort of your own home”

“These virtual tours allow people to experience Opel's rich history and extensive car collection in the comfort of their home,” said Stephen Norman, Opel Senior Vice President of Sales, After Sales and Marketing. zamIt is also a good experience for those who are currently interested in the social history of a brand. People; They have vivid memories of Opel family cars, such as going on vacation, visiting family. I can proudly say that we are a “humane” and accessible German brand. We are unrivaled in putting the customer first. Our Virtual Car Collection is a successful application that reveals the beauties of our brand. “A team from Marketing and Communications came up with the idea for the digital Opel Classic Collection in the midst of the Covid crisis.”

“The Virtual Exhibition was created in a record time”

Harald Hamprecht, Vice President of Communications at Opel, said: “We wanted to continue to be visible and accessible to our fans and customers. The team created the Virtual Car Collection in a record time. Thanks to everyone who contributed. All our online visitors can enjoy the tour.”

Models of Opel with “Alternative Drive” option

The tour with the theme of “Alternative Driving”, one of the themes within the scope of the virtual visit, includes extraordinary concepts. Some of these are the record-breaking rear fixed rocket RAK 1928 car in 2, early electric prototypes such as the Opel Impulse I in 1990, and the successfully tested hydrogen vehicles based on most Zafira models from the Opel HydroGen 1 to 4.

Opel "Racing world" from past to present

Opel Classic also showcases its legendary racing cars virtually under the name of "World of Racing". In this exhibition, Opel Ascona, in which Walter Röhrl won the 1974 European Champion, Opel Ascona 1982, in which he became the 400 World Champion, and Opel Ascona, in which Jochi Kleint won the 1979 European Champion, are the most prominent racing cars. Also on display is the unique Opel Kadett 4×4 planned for the World Rally Championship and used in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Apart from this, representing today; The Opel ADAM R2015, the four-time European Junior Champion from 2018 to 2, and the new Opel Corsa-e Rally, the world's first electric rally car, are also on display here.

Journey to the world of records with “The Magnificent Twenties”

The third thematic tour takes visitors to the “Magnificent Twenties” period, where the creative spirit chasing world records was full of work. Racing bikes, rocket-powered motorcycles and even airplanes produced during this period can be viewed online.

The movement that brought millions to freedom of transportation

The continuation of the story continues with the fourth thematic tour “Transport for Millions”. Apart from models such as "Doktorwagen" and "Laubfrosch", Opel produced compact models of Rüsselsheim, which brings together millions of people with the freedom of transportation. First, the Kadett hit the road 85 years ago. It was followed by Astra. Opel is preparing to introduce the new Astra generation, which will be offered as electric for the first time at the end of this year.

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