Olive Leaf Prevents Dessert Crisis!


Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. Sometimes there are moments when you suddenly need to eat something sweet and you can't feel comfortable without eating sweets. We can also perceive this situation as a sweet crisis in general. So what do we need to do to get rid of these sweet crises?

At this point, Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gives a recipe that will completely solve the sweet crisis and says that the desire for sweets will decrease in 5-6 days.

Our body uses blood sugar as energy. Blood sugar does not occur only when we eat sweet or floury foods such as bakery foods, bread, candies, chocolate, fruit, which we call simple carbohydrates. It is present in almost all foods. When appropriate, even the fats in the food can be converted into sugar by our digestive system.

For this reason, postprandial blood sugar, that is, blood sugar measured after eating, also increases. We do not necessarily have to take the simple carbohydrates listed above for blood sugar to rise.

It can even turn some fat in our body into energy when we are hungry. However, since this transformation starts with the best quality, it starts with our face and subcutaneous fat, which we never want to go away, during short periods of hunger. For this reason, in the diets we do by starving, first our face collapses and then our skin sags, but you cannot get rid of the belly, hip and hip fat that we want to go away. When we choose simple carbohydrates as food, our digestive system gradually reduces the digestion of other foods and our digestive system starts to get lazy. One day, we feel that we are not satisfied without bread, because our stomach is full, because our digestive system becomes lazy. To get rid of this situation, we first need to reduce simple carbohydrates and strengthen the digestive system. zamIt is also a factor that it turns into harmful bacteria that feed on sweets and pastries.

Now I suggest you a helper who will solve your sweet craving radically.

Destroy what you want sweet with olive leaves!

Olive leaves can also be consumed as tea, but our recommendation is to grind the dried olive leaf you buy as tea and turn it into powder. In addition to many benefits of olive leaf, it also has a killing effect against bacteria and fungi. With this effect, it destroys the harmful bacteria in the intestine and allows the natural probiotics found in foods such as homemade yogurt, cheese, pickles and vinegar to settle in the intestine. Take care to consume this mixture for afternoon breakfast at 18-19 hours in summer and 16-17 in winter.


  • Grind the dried olive leaf until it becomes powder or take the ready one.
  • 1 bowl of yoghurt
  • 1 handful of raw almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts (if you wish, one or all of them, as much as 1 handful in total) (you can also use it by grating)
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground olive leaves

Mix it all up and enjoy. Make sure to only drink soup late at dinner when you are hungry... Keep this up for 5-6 days. After applying, you will begin to feel a decrease in hunger and an aversion to sweets. You can apply for 21 days and take a break for 1 week.

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