Mars Driver Academy Waiting for Female and Male Truck Driver Candidates

Mars Logistics driver academy awaits female and male truck driver candidates
Mars Logistics driver academy awaits female and male truck driver candidates

With its new project, Mars Logistics, Mars Logistics accepts young people who are interested in the profession of truck driver but do not have the necessary training and documents to the program. Candidates who are successful in the exam to be applied after the training to be given within the scope of the academy will start working in the Mars fleet.

Applications for Mars Driver Academy will be open until August 23 for young people who do not have training, documents and experience in truck driving but want to pursue this profession. In the academy, where 10 people will be accepted as a pilot group, in-company theoretical and practical trainings and field driving techniques training will be given to driver candidates. The trainings will vary between 6-8 months depending on the competencies and documents the candidate has. Candidates who are successful in the trainings and exams in the program, which does not require a document other than having at least a B class driver's license to participate, will start work in the Mars fleet, which currently has a total of 600 drivers in the country and abroad, at the end of the process. The costs of the documents other than the B-class driver's license will also be covered by Mars Logistics.

Mars Logistics Fleet Operations Deputy General Manager Erkan Özyurt aims to teach the profession to young people who are willing to work in the logistics sector and zamHe stated that they started the project with the aim of creating employment by offering an instant job opportunity, and said: “We are happy to launch our new project, Mars Driver Academy, where we will provide training to our young friends who are enthusiastic to work in our sector and then employ them in our fleet as truck drivers. With this project, we aim to both support young people in finding a job and prevent the driver shortage experienced in the sector in recent years.”

Applications of Female Truck Driver Candidates are Waiting

In his statement, Özyurt also mentioned the Equality Has No Gender project that they have been carrying out since the beginning of 2021 as Mars Logistics, stating that they consider it their duty to strengthen the perception of gender equality and said: “As Mars Logistics, we believe in gender equality and we have realized that doing a job better cannot be determined by gender. We advocate in all projects. For this reason, we welcome applications from female candidates to the Mars Driving Academy.”

The Mars Driving Academy application requirements are as follows:

  • Have at least a Class B driver's license
  • be at least 24 years old
  • be a high school graduate
  • Preferably residing in and around Istanbul (but candidates residing in different regions will also be considered)

Candidates who want to apply to Mars Driving Academy should send an e-mail to with their date of birth, city of residence and education information until August 23.

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