What is the Role of Morale-Motivation in Cancer Treatment?


Phytotherapy expert Dr. Şenol Şensoy stated that one of the main elements of cancer treatment is morale-motivation. Phytotherapy expert Dr. Şenol Şensoy stated that one of the main elements of cancer treatment is morale-motivation.

Cancer covers 20% of total deaths in our country. We lose more than 100 people every year. Therefore, a person has cancer. zammoment when he is seized with great anxiety and fear. As if it is an incurable disease, we are afflicted with this disease. zamWe perceive the moment as if we are closer to death.

There Is No Disease Without Cure

Motivation is very important here. There is no disease for which there is no cure, first of all we have to accept it. And every cancer patient, after getting the disease and having information about his diagnosis, should definitely start fighting with his gaze, with the hope that I will overcome this disease and get better.

Words from a Stage 4 Cancer Patient

The words of a patient with stage 4 cancer are included on the website of the World Health Organization. His statement is as follows: “I have cancer, but my cause of death will not be from cancer, I felt it and I struggled, I fought, I won.”
We can say to cancer patients: Do not despair, fight. In order to overcome the disease, it is absolutely necessary to put forth that will and that struggle. Treatment methods are also secondary factors. We have to accept it this way. If a person has a problem in his belief in defeating the disease, that patient will have a very difficult time in treatment.

Modern Techniques and Phytotherapy

Although modern studies such as medical techniques, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and smart medicine continue, phytotherapy is an element that should never be missed. Because phytotherapy is a complementary and traditional treatment method. We have thousands of years of knowledge about phytotherapy, as old as human history. Herbal therapy has properties that increase the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which we use very widely today. Therefore, it increases our chances of treatment. Patients who start treatment experience side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Again, phytotherapy has properties that eliminate or minimize these side effects. During the treatment process of the disease, cancer cells can develop resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We encounter this situation in a serious part of our patients. Medicinal plants have properties that eliminate this resistance. It would be a great shortcoming for us not to benefit from phytotherapy when it has such effective mechanisms.

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