Do Every Human Have Cancer Cells?


Phytotherapy Specialist Dr. Şenol Şensoy stated that cancer cells are also present in healthy people, but our immune system eliminates these cells every day. Why Is the Immune System Important? What is Apoptosis (Programmed Cell Death)?

Every day, around 1 million cancer cells are formed in our body. Our defense cells are eliminating these 1 million cancer cells. This struggle continues throughout life. The struggle of beneficial and harmful is a process that will continue from the beginning to the end of the realm of existence. If our body is healthy, it eliminates cancer cells. What zamwhen our current mood drops, defense mechanisms weaken zamCancer begins to develop in a certain tissue or an organ.

Why Is the Immune System Important?

The most important point that modern medicine lacks in cancer treatment is the immune system. Treatment techniques such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy damage the immune system. These methods, which can damage normal cells as well as cancer cells, are the same. zamIt weakens our immune system. Cancer cells are rapidly dividing cells. Chemotherapy drugs target all rapidly dividing cells in the body. This is the reason why side effects such as digestive problems, hair loss, nausea, weakness and fatigue are seen in patients receiving chemotherapy. Apart from cancer cells, all rapidly dividing cells in our body are also adversely affected. Immune system cells are also in this group. However, a strong immune system is indispensable in the fight against cancer. Ultimately, we don't want to destroy cancer-fighting cells ourselves. So, shouldn't we get chemotherapy? Sure, we'll get chemo but the same zamAt the same time, we will not miss the treatments that will keep our immune system strong.

What is Apoptosis (Programmed Cell Death)?

When our healthy cells encounter some pests, if these pests seriously affect the cell's mechanism, the cell suffers a loss of function, and when there is DNA damage, it can pass into the form of cancer, which we call mutagen. In this case, the cells enter a pathway called apoptosis. Cells commit suicide in a programmed way, which we call apoptosis, in order not to harm the body. In fact, apoptosis is a defense mechanism for the body to continue its life in a healthy way, to prevent it from entering that lane we call oncogene, that is, to prevent cancer from forming. Cells use such a pathway for the continuation of the organism's life at the expense of losing their own life.

In cancer cells, this cell suicide is eliminated. In the absence of apoptosis, they reproduce indefinitely. The medicinal plants we use activate the mechanism we call apoptosis on cancer cells and cancer stem cells. This is one of the important effects of medicinal plants in the fight against cancer.

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