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1. dental hospital Istanbulare health institutions where the diagnosis, treatment and routine controls of various diseases related to oral and dental health are carried out. same zamCurrently, preventive dentistry practices are carried out in dental hospitals. It should not be forgotten that oral and dental health is extremely important. For this reason, even if there is no health problem, it is of great importance to be examined regularly in order to diagnose and sometimes prevent possible diseases in the early period.
When patients want to choose a dental hospital, they look for the best hospital. However, there are dental hospitals serving in almost every province in our country and it would not be correct to describe any hospital as 'the best'.

Because in order to evaluate any health institution as the 'best hospital', it is necessary to examine all hospitals according to the same criteria. These criteria are not the same for every patient. Some patients only rate the hospitals where they can easily make an appointment as the 'best', while for some, prices are the most important criteria. However, the fact that the prices are reasonable or it is easy to make an appointment does not mean that the hospital in question is the 'best' health institution.

On the internet, patients may interpret many different health institutions as 'this is the best dental hospital'. It would not be correct to rely on this information as there are no conclusions reached after some medical or scientific evaluations. It should not be forgotten that there are dental hospitals in our country that provide very successful services in many cities, especially in Istanbul.

2. Of course, you should make your choice of dental hospital according to your own criteria. It would not be correct to recommend any hospital. The important thing is to find out if the health service you want to receive is offered at the dental hospital you choose.

Frequent applications such as dental caries, gum diseases, root canal treatment are among the health services offered in almost every dental hospital. However, sometimes it may be necessary to receive health care in the field of maxillofacial surgery due to some special disorders. In such cases, when choosing a hospital, you may need to know whether the health service in question is offered. If you contact the hospital's patient admission services, you can get more detailed information about the subject and you can easily ask your questions.

Today, the internet has become one of the innovations that make life much easier. It is possible to make an appointment online for many dental hospitals. Some hospitals are health institutions where appointments can be made by phone. Although rare, various problems can be experienced in online appointment systems or telephone exchanges of hospitals. In this case, it may be necessary to make an appointment by e-mail or by going to the patient admission service of the hospital. However, it should be emphasized that this situation is extremely rare.

As a result, although the method of requesting an appointment varies according to the dental hospital you want to make an appointment with, this process is mostly done over the phone or the internet. When requesting an appointment, it will be useful to choose the department or, if desired, to indicate your complaint about oral or dental health.

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