Motul, the World's Leading Mineral Oil Producer, Continues to Grow in Turkey

Motul, the world's leading mineral oil producer, continues to grow in Turkey
Motul, the world's leading mineral oil producer, continues to grow in Turkey

Motul, one of the world's leading lubricant manufacturers, continues to grow in Turkey. Motul, which has increased its investments and enlarged its team, has been taking firm steps towards the size of the market by showing a success above its targets since its incorporation in Turkey in 2017.

Since its establishment in 1853, Motul continues to increase its market share in Turkey with its automobile, motorcycle, heavy vehicle, marine, powergen and industrial products developed as a result of its expertise, experience and R&D activities in the mineral oil market. In addition to having one of the widest product ranges in the industry, the value-added services it offers to its customers put Motul ahead of its competitors. Thanks to more than 170 authorized Garage Concept services and 52 Motul EVO points that offer transmission oil change services, Motul is achieving significant success in the vehicle service sector. Motul's new service, engine performance and cleaning points, will soon connect Motul Performance Service to service at authorized points. Motul also makes a difference in the industry with its products in the MotulTech industrial oils and Powergen segments.

In addition to the high-tech mineral oil series it has developed, additives, service chemicals and vehicle care and cleaning products in its portfolio, Motul's communication and marketing activities in Turkey are increasing day by day. Motul, which meets with vehicle enthusiasts at many events in the field, stands out with its marketing activities in the digital world.

Speaking at the opening of their new headquarters in Istanbul, Dmitry Bakumenko, General Manager of Motul Turkey and the Middle East, said: “We are very happy that Motul Turkey's graph has risen continuously since the first day we started investing in Turkey. First of all, I would like to thank our business partners and Motul Turkey team for their devoted work. Today, Motul Turkey has become one of Motul's favorite countries globally. The secret of our success is, of course, primarily the quality, performance and reliability of our products. We have achieved success thanks to our sales and marketing approaches that we have developed on the right products. The fact that Motul products, all of which are produced in Europe, and which we bring together with vehicle owners after many tests with their quality and manufacturer's approvals, are being preferred more and more by the workshops, which strengthens our position in the market and strengthens our cooperation with the workshops. As Motul Turkey, we have grown 5 times in the last 6 years. I am confident that this growth will continue. With the right product strategy, strong product supply and hardworking sales network, there is no reason not to be successful and we, as Motul Turkey, have all these values. Everyone who was here at the opening of our new office accompanied us on this journey and added strength to our strength. Thank you all for your trust in the Motul brand. We wish to be together in many successes…”

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