Driftin Stars Performed in Bursa

the stars of drift took the stage in bursa
the stars of drift took the stage in bursa

Red Bull Car Park Drift, one of the most important drift championships in the world, was held in Bursa with the participation of the best competitors. In the final, where powerful cars competed fiercely, Berfu Tutumlu became the best pilot of Turkey.

Developing projects in many fields from culture to art in Bursa, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues to contribute to important events. Red Bull Car Park Drift, which was held at Yunuseli Airport with the contribution of TOSFED under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department and Redbull, brought the world's best drift pilots together in Bursa. In the 2021th race of the 7 season, while 23 faster racers were fighting for the championship, approximately 3 thousand people who filled the stands watched the smoky moments of the powerful cars with excitement. While the stars of the drift demonstrated their skills on the track consisting of 11 different obstacles, the audience held their breath.

Berfu Tutumlu reached the happy ending in the races where the action was never lacking. Tutumlu, who achieved victory at the end of the high-action struggle, got the right to represent Turkey in the Drift World Final to be held in Egypt in November. In the race where Toprak Razgatlıoğlu, who held the lead in the World Superbike Championship, was also on the jury, Levent Enön came second and Ege Bilaloğlu came third.

In the Drift Turkey Final, race director and famous Athlete Abdo Feghali also made a breathtaking show drive. Feghali, who made the spectators have a pleasant time with his vehicle in which Falken tires were used, said that they signed a great organization in Turkey. Stating that Turkey is a real drift country, Feghali said that he loves being in Turkey and meeting with the drift athletes here.

5 successful pilots took part in the finals at the Drift Academy, which was held before the competition to determine the best drift pilot in Turkey. Ahmet Parlatan, Ersan Şahinkır, Asaf Akyol, Çağatay Arıca and Farnoush Rezaei, who received training on the intricacies of drifting from Abdo Feghali, the originator of the Red Bull Car Park Drift format, also appeared in the Turkey Final.

Ümit Erdim, who competed in the races as a co-pilot, said that drifting is the most action-packed and the most exciting branch of Turkish sports. Stating that it was a compact environment with plenty of grandstands and lots of action, Erdim said, “It brings pleasure to both the drifter and the viewer. It makes us all very happy to have such a great organization. I also experienced this with a world champion. It was a different excitement for me. We love cars, I compete in other branches, but it was a great pleasure to be in this car. I hope there will be a sequel and a repeat. The audience already shows how much they love the organization. We look forward to it every year,” he said.

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