Tooth Problem Prevents Smile!


Dentist Denizhan Uzunpınar gave information about the subject. We can say that dentistry is progressing in parallel with today's technology. Among the current topics, of course, there is smile design. you laugh zamIf you don't feel good in front of the mirror at the moment or when someone makes a joke in your social life, there is a problem if you close your mouth immediately after laughing. Your teeth are not compatible with your face or you do not like the shape of your teeth. For this, you can have the process called Smile Design. Smile design should be related to your teeth. These; These are factors such as your lip position when you speak, the amount of exposure of your teeth, the harmony of your gums with your smile, the color of your teeth, and your skin color. It is aimed that these elements are at the optimum level for everyone. Factors such as crooked teeth, an uneven smile, the amount of excessive gingival appearance are some of the suitable reasons for Smile Design. “I can't smile, I'm unhappy with my teeth, I don't want to laugh. You can also have a Smile Design done for psychological reasons.

In fact, smile design can be done for everyone. “For this, of course, making a dentist appointment is the first step. When you go to an appointment, the Dentist listens to you, analyzes you and takes records. After recording, it takes photos with you and makes evaluations by talking to you about the photos. After all the evaluations are made, a special smile design is planned for you and a joint decision is made. Before the procedure, a session called Mock-up is applied and a trial is made for the estimated result. A preliminary working measure with a smile design is applied to the mouth and you can directly evaluate the result of the process in the mirror. If there is anything you want to change during this process, you can tell your doctor and have it corrected. Teeth are long, you shorten them. You mark your gums too visible, you make the shape angular and rounded.

After the agreed design, the job is now between your doctor and the technician. After all your requests are applied, you will see the final image in front of the mirror again. All conditions are met and if you like your Smile Design, now your Ceramic tiles for Smile Design are ready for production. The dentist either takes an impression on the existing teeth, or if there are teeth that are not in the appropriate position, the etching process is performed and the measurements are sent to the dental technician for production. Smile design is custom made for each person and the most important thing is what you want. Make sure you choose the right dentist when making a decision.

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