Citroen Offers Special Purchase Options for Commercial Vehicles for August

citroen offers special purchase options for the month of August with its commercial vehicles
citroen offers special purchase options for the month of August with its commercial vehicles

Citroën offers advantageous purchase options in August with its commercial vehicles that offer the most ideal loading capacity and ease of use. Within the scope of the campaigns offered with the advantage of PSA Finans, the Citroën Berlingo Van, where flexibility and modularity meet, is offered for sale at 175 thousand TL with zero-interest loans throughout the month. The Jumpy model family, which attracts attention with its design and technology, and the Citroën Jumper, which is preferred by professionals with its ergonomic design and advanced driving support systems, can be preferred for 90 months 12 for 0 thousand TL or 150 months for 18 thousand TL with 0,99% interest rate.

Citroen; In August, it also offers its retail and SME customers the most special purchase opportunities for its commercial vehicle product range, which makes a difference with its stylish and functional design, efficient diesel engines and technology. Within the scope of zero-interest loan campaigns offered throughout the month with the advantage of PSA Finans, the modular designed Citroën Berlingo Van, which is the pioneer of the combivan class, is offered for sale for 55 thousand TL with the advantage of 12-interest loans with a 0-month maturity of 175 thousand TL.

Citroen; Combining its ergonomic design with technological equipment, it offers a 60 thousand TL 12-month 0-interest loan or 90 thousand TL 18-month maturity loan campaign with 0,99% interest for Jumpy and Jumpy Van models. Citroën offers the Jumper model, which combines high capacity and comfort, to users with a 90-month term 12-interest loan for 0 thousand TL or an 150-month loan with an interest rate of 18% for 0,99 thousand TL. Along with credit campaigns; Jumpy, which arouses the desire to go on long journeys with its comfort and technology, is offered for sale with prices starting from 275 thousand TL. The Jumpy Van with a 1400-speed manual gearbox, with a loading capacity of up to 6 kg, offers an advantage with a price of 225 thousand TL. Those who say ease of use and comfort first can have the 140 HP Citroën Jumper with prices starting from 229 thousand TL.

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