Chinese Researchers Developed Enamel-Free Whitening Method


Chinese researchers have developed a new photodynamic dental treatment strategy to largely eliminate bacteria and effectively whiten teeth. According to a research article published in the academic journal Advanced Functional Materials, bifunctional photodynamic dental treatment is a new chemical whitening technique with a high success rate and low potential harm.

At the beginning of the problems that all people experience in terms of oral health are stains on the teeth and the formation of dental plaque. Cigarettes and colored food and beverages cause staining and discoloration on the teeth. This causes a large number of bacteria to accumulate on the teeth and multiply and form plaque, causing dental diseases.

Getting rid of dental plaques and bacteria settled on these plaques is very difficult and requires a long treatment process. Today, teeth whitening is mainly carried out by physical methods that can cause irreversible mechanical damage to the tooth enamel, while the reactive oxygen-based chemical bleaching method causes less damage to the teeth. Researchers from Tianjin University and Tianjin Medical University have developed a new photosensitive strain with high water solubility, increasing the production rate of reactive oxygen species eightfold. According to the research paper, the results show that the new strategy not only whitens teeth in a harmless way by reducing chromogenic bacteria in the mouth, but also zamIt showed that it also removed about 95 percent of the plaque on the teeth at the same time. Researchers hope to find a more convenient and effective dental treatment for teeth whitening and the prevention and treatment of dental disease.

Source: China International Radio

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