First Phase of ALBATROS-S Swarm Unmanned Marine Vehicle Project Completed

The first phase of the Herd IDA Project, which aims to provide swarm capability to unmanned sea vehicles and to perform various tasks, has been completed.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. In the post made by İsmail DEMİR on his Twitter account, the first phase of the Sürü İDA Project has been completed. Demir shared, “We are developing a capability that few countries are working on, as domestic-national. We have completed the first phase of our Herd IDA Project, where we aim to provide swarm capability to unmanned sea vehicles, autonomy and the execution of various tasks. The continuation will follow…”

ASELSAN and its subcontractors developed a new generation high maneuvering, Multi-Communication System Architecture (LOS and NLOS Communication Capability), maritime and stance capability Albatros-S IDA for the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency's Herd IDA Project, which allows autonomous navigation in swarms.

Will be able to continue to work in an environment without GNSS and communication

Albatros-S İDA, which is approximately 7 meters long, has a speed of 40 knots, a cruising range of 200 nautical miles, a Native and National Original Communication System, and a Local and National Control System. İDA, which is capable of autonomous formation changes, autonomous navigation in a disabled environment, Autonomous Mission execution, Autonomous mission start, Mission Maneuver, Autonomous Mission Termination, will play an important role in the defense of the Blue Homeland.

Source: defenceturk

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