Attention Watermelon Cheese Duo! If You Eat Too Much, It Can Threaten Your Health


Watermelon-cheese, the invariable pair of nutrition in summer months... The cooling flavor of watermelon, when combined with protein-rich cheese, creates the sweet-salty balance. This taste, which is good for the digestive system, zamIt also helps to meet the body's fluid needs. However, excessive consumption of this delicious duo can invite health problems. Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Yeşim Özcan emphasized that the watermelon-cheese combination should not be consumed excessively and said, “This duo can be consumed once a day as a snack and a maximum of 3-4 times a week. Too much can cause a range of problems, from acne problems to high blood sugar to fatty liver," she warns.

Do not consume as a main meal

Watermelon, which has a rich content of water, is one of the most preferred fruits for cooling. same zamNutrition and Diet Specialist Yeşim Özcan, who explains that watermelon is also good for muscle and joint pain due to its potassium content, says, "Drinking watermelon juice, especially after sports, is very beneficial for the muscular system." In addition to its many benefits, watermelon is a fruit with a high sugar content, so its excessive consumption can cause alarm bells to ring, especially in diabetes patients. For this reason, Nutrition and Diet Specialist Yeşim Özcan, who noted that consuming cheese, which is a good protein source, along with watermelon, helps to balance blood sugar and prolong the period of fullness, and draws attention to the fact that these two are one of the most suitable options used for snacks in diets. Referring to the disadvantages of consuming watermelon-cheese alone as a meal, Yeşim Özcan said, “Because watermelon has a high sugar content, it increases insulin secretion and causes belly fat. Consuming too much cheese can also mean excess fat and salt intake into the body, that is, weight. For this reason, the portion amount should be taken into consideration in the watermelon-cheese pairing,” he warns.

Pay attention to the portion size!

So, what is the ideal portion size? Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist Yeşim Özcan said that two thin slices of watermelon and one slice of cheese would be sufficient as a snack, and said that it would be the most suitable for appetite control. zamHe records that the moment is the afternoon snack. Yeşim Özcan explains that various health problems are encountered when these suggestions are not taken into account, and gives information on this subject as follows: “When watermelon is consumed excessively, the blood sugar balance is disturbed and it causes hunger faster and overeating. In addition, since the stomach and intestinal system are affected, problems such as gas and bloating may occur. Another danger is the risk that the excess sugar in the watermelon may cause problems such as fatty liver. Excessive consumption of cheese can also turn into blood pressure problems due to salt, acne on the skin and overweight due to its high fat content.

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