How Does Parental Conflict Affect the Child?


Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. With a small individual joining your life as a couple with your marriage, you need to be more careful in your relationships. Especially when you are fighting with your spouse, you should definitely think about the positive or negative effects of these behaviors on your child.

One of the biggest evils done to the child is that the environment of happy parents is not provided to the child. Because the home where the parents are is a safe space for the child. If the child grows up with fear and anxiety instead of a sense of security in the home environment where he lives as a safe space, a healthy mental structure and a healthy personality pattern cannot be expected from that child. Therefore, the role of parenting is most affected by the relationship between spouses.

You should know that when you start arguing with your spouse in front of your child;

  • The child who wants to see a happy parent profile will also be unhappy because he sees his parents unhappy.
  • While the bond between spouses needs to be strengthened for the continuation of a happy marriage, this bond weakens with your constant arguments and your role as a mother/father will be negatively affected by this.
  • Since the authority of the mother/father is also damaged by the discussion, your influence on the child decreases.

Think of it this way;

“On the one hand, the mother is unhappy, on the other hand, the father is unhappy. Your living space is in an atmosphere of restlessness and tension. There is neither pleasant conversation, nor laughter, nor a pleasant atmosphere in the child's home, where he should find safety and tranquility. Even a temporary visitor does not enjoy visiting a house with such an environment. Because the reflection of your negative emotional energy makes everyone in that house feel unhappy. While even the guest may not be able to endure this gloomy environment for a few hours, think that your child has to be in this environment every day and be exposed to these arguments.”

In order for your child to have a healthy psychology, parents must first be successful in communicating with each other. Do not forget that marital relations also affect the relationship between parents and children in a significant way.

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