Detailed Ultrasound Provides Early Diagnosis in Pregnancy


Routine pregnancy check-ups are of great importance not only for the baby's process from womb to birth, but also for the health status after birth. Noting that detailed ultrasound scanning is critical, especially between the 19th and 23rd weeks of pregnancy, Radiology Specialist Uzm. Dr. Ferda Ağırgün, “Detailed ultrasound allows a detailed look at the bones, heart, brain, spinal cord, face, kidneys and abdomen of the baby.” says.

Regular control during pregnancy is of great importance for the health of both the mother and the baby. At the beginning of the examinations, which experts warn not to be disrupted, detailed ultrasound, also known as the 20-week scan. Saying that this type of ultrasound, in which the internal organs of the baby can be examined in detail, plays a critical role in the early diagnosis of many diseases, Radiology Specialist Uzm. Dr. Ferda Ağırgün said, “Detailed ultrasound allows a detailed look at the bones, heart, brain, spinal cord, face, kidneys and abdomen of the baby. Since the scan detects conditions that may require postpartum surgery, such as heart defects and cleft lip, especially some spinal cord disorders, it is definitely recommended for every expectant mother between the 19th and 23rd weeks of her pregnancy.

The only difference from standard ultrasound is that each organ is examined one by one.

Stating that there is no technical difference between detailed ultrasound scanning and standard ultrasound, Dr. Dr. Ferda Ağırgün said, “While the general health status of the baby is examined in standard ultrasound, each organ is examined one by one in detailed ultrasound. In other words, there is more detailed imaging, but all methods used are the same as standard ultrasound. Examining the organs separately allows many situations to be seen more clearly. For example, the baby's brain, kidneys, internal organs or bones may not be properly developed. Some babies may have a health problem that affects the spinal cord, called open spina bifida. 10 out of 9 babies with this problem are usually diagnosed on a detailed scan. The same is true for the disorder in the mouth structure called cleft lip. Heart defects, however, are more difficult to detect. Almost half of babies with heart defects are diagnosed on detailed ultrasound.

The risk of health problems zamthere is a moment

Mentioning that having a detailed ultrasound scan does not pose any risk to the baby or mother, Dr. Ağırgün said, “On the contrary, it gives advance information about the health problems that await the baby and his family, if any. This allows the necessary precautions to be taken both during and after birth. The important thing is to make sure that the examination in question is performed by radiologists or perinatology specialists. During the examination, the experts zaminforms instantly. If necessary, the opinion of a second expert can also be obtained. Another point that should be underlined here is that there is no possibility of a baby being born with any health problem that the scans cannot detect. zamis the moment. For this reason, routine controls are continued after detailed ultrasound. If necessary, a repeat of the detailed ultrasound may also be requested.

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