3 Steps to Drawbar Installation


There are some details that you need to pay attention to in order to perform your towbar assembly, as long as you follow these details, you will get a problem-free service.

The first thing to consider in your vehicle is can your vehicle tow a caravan or trailer? One way to find out is to write down the weight of the train in each vehicle. A tow bar / trailer cannot be attached to vehicles that do not have a train weight on the label. It is necessary to check the vehicle chassis label for the vehicle's tow bar attachment status and trailer towing capacity. If there is no train weight on the label, a trailer cannot be attached to the vehicles. If you try to carry more than the allowed amount on your vehicle, it will zamyou will damage your vehicle. Therefore, this capacity indicator is extremely important.

The other issue is the features you need to know about your vehicle. This feature varies for each car brand. Do not forget that our technical team will guide you in this regard. Since the tow bar is a special order for each vehicle, it is extremely important that this information reaches us in advance in order to avoid any delays.

Another issue is whether any changes have been made to your vehicle. This topic is mandatory information for hardware. We will not start the assembly process until any information we request reaches us.

Remember, if you want to enjoy a hassle-free drawbar assembly process, take note of the points we mentioned. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly and passionate team to find out which tow bar is most suitable for your vehicle.



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