Zorlu Energy Supports ITU Electric Vehicle and ITU Solar Car Teams

tough energy supports itu electric vehicle and itu solar car teams
tough energy supports itu electric vehicle and itu solar car teams

As part of its vision to become the energy company of the future, Zorlu Energy leads the way in expanding the use of renewable energy resources and expanding the electric vehicle charging station infrastructure. His car (ITU ARIBA) supports its teams.

Adopting a way of doing business focused on electrification, digitalization, automation and decarbonization, Zorlu Energy also contributes to the dissemination of practices in the field of sustainability by standing by the young people of ITU who have realized high value-added projects in their fields.

Zorlu Energy became the Gold Sponsor of the ITU Electric Vehicle Team, which aims to become the European Champion in London at the Shell-Eco Marathon 2021, one of the internationally prestigious competitions on energy efficiency, and to win the first place in its own category at Teknofest 2021. It continues to support the ITU Solar Car (ARIBA) Team, which aims to achieve a degree in the World Solar Challenge, the world's most prestigious solar powered car competition held in Australia, in the Gold Sponsorship category this year as well as last year.

“Zorlu Energy's support is very meaningful”

Emphasizing that Zorlu Energy's support is very meaningful to them, ITU Electric Vehicle Team Academic Advisor Dr. Instructor Member Derya Ahmet Kocabaş: “We try to be selective about our sponsors. We prefer to work with prestigious and industry-leading companies. Rather than the amount of support given to us, we focus on the benefits it provides to all parties, the collaborations it brings and what we can provide to our supporters. In this context, we find the support of Zorlu Energy, a pioneer in its sector, very meaningful. As part of Teknofest, we want to return with our golden achievements in return for the support of Zorlu Energy, our Gold Sponsor.”

“We are happy to represent Zorlu Energy, the value of our country”

Hale İlkçakın, a fourth-year student at the Department of Economics, from the ITU Solar Car (ARIBA) Team, said: “Zorlu Enerji is a company that not only focuses on renewable energy sources in our country, but also directs clean energy technologies, but also makes a name for itself around the world. The main backers of our strongest competitors in our global races are often their country's largest local energy companies. In this respect, we are very happy to have the opportunity to represent Zorlu Energy as the value of our country.”

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